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The final episode of Dry January sees the team inspired with interactive ideas. We announced the date of our Resonance FM fundraising date (Friday April 26th), and came up with an artistic competition. Hopefully when we go through the entries next week it will work as an audio event.

We've also moved into sponsorship. Instead of monetising our own brands, we've decided to monetise Rami Ismail's Gamedev.World conference. Hopefully it will turn out to have over 8,501 meetings during the event otherwise we'll not be getting our money's worth.

There's blockchain chat (we really need some Super-Special Guests soon), Simon works out how to beat loot boxes, Ste updates an old joke, and Ann helps trademark a new brand. This time next year we'll be millionaires! Which means that Rami will be a millionaire on top of the billions he already has!

Team OLL (and Simon, the Ultimate Gamer) x



  1. Klamm - Worship
  2. Amateur LSDJ - Debrief

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Another episode with the full team and no Super-Special Guest. Luckily Simon was on hand to give it a catchy title that is in no way brand infringing.

This week Ste broke electricity, Ann told all about her teeth, and Simon bragged about his data allowance. He also potentially spoiled a film for Ann, but it turned out Ann had already seen the film in question, she'd just forgotten that she had seen it. Luckily, her personal Siri-style assistant Matt managed to explain it all.

We also discussed how we would copy Ariana Grande, the last Marioke (which had a world first for karaoke, and found out that Ste is a jock.

Team OLL x



  1. 8 Bit Universe - Into You
  2. Zanza12349 - Octave 8

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