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As befits a new season of One Life Left, we missed recording an episode last week. This was due to the combination of Simon being in Portugal and Ann getting ill through bad videogame news. There was the potential 'third way' of podcasting by having a 'One Ste Left' episode but luckily the OLL National Executive Committee overruled him.

However, this meant that the full team was in the studio this week to talk to our Super-Special Guest: George Perkins from Super Rare Games (Super-Special Rare Games is still available at Companies House). They make games that are usually only available on the Nintendo eShop as actual physical games. Not only that, but you get EXCLUSIVE extras like crosswords, signed trading cards, and pebbles instead of cartridges (the pebble thing might only be a monetisation idea that Ste has had).

We also did some live unboxing, live tasting, updated the OLL style guide, and found out that Ann is going to Comicon. But mostly, we were worried about Simon. Him liking a chiptune is fairly unusual, but not buying a Nintendo product as soon as it's available? Something must have happened in Portugal.

Team OLL x


1. Gavin Graham - The Eve of the War
2. Feryl - Self Esteem (II)

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Annoyingly our attempt at doing a Wii U/EU pun for the title of this episode didn't really work when it was written out. So just make your own ones up, as long as you say them out loud. But anyway. One Life Left is back! After a summer break of about six weeks we were back in time (give or take a few weeks) for the start of Parliament so that we could finally talk about Brexit. We got Ian Dunt, the host of the Remainiacs podcast and Editor on, on as a Super-Special Guest to talk about Brexit but he kept wanting to relate it to videogames. Doesn't he know that we're Europe's only radio show about politics? Or did we get confused from our time away? That's possibly the answer. As well as our red hot Brexit chat we all did our usual spoken-word essay on What We Did In Our Holidays, updated the OLL style guide with the approved pronounciation of 'troll', and let you know which popular beat combos are good at Mario Kart. Ann told us her criteria for a good videogame, Ste gave us a Crimewatch update on his stolen laptop and one of our readers gave Ian the ultimate moral dilemma (great cars them moral dilemmas). Cheerio! Team OLL x Links: Track List: 1. Amateur LSDJ - Hardcore 2. adaMills - Mini Boss 3. hiro094 - Returnees
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