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We had a Scanters-shape hole in the show today (why does HR keep approving her holiday requests?) which meant that Simon and Ste needed to do the news this week. Do you think that they planned ahead and wrote the news stories well in advance or decided to throw this week’s Super-Special Guest a curveball and asked him what he thought was good news?

It's a fairly easy question to answer, but we felt that Jim Rossignol from Big Robot would be the perfect SSG to be able to cope with this challenge. He's well known for his polite manner and definitely thinks that swearing isn't big (robot) or clever (robot). Jim also took the chance to tell us about Big Robot's soon-to-be-and-sort-of-already-released fifth game The Light Keeps Us Safe which is available on Steam Early Access.

There was some talk about how the OLL style guide differs to Eurogamer's, we tried to find out why we keep getting excluded from the important debates, and Jim remembered which reviews he forgot about writing.

Team OLL x


1. Crystal Cave - ada Mills
2. Castaway - Amateur LSDJ

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