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A full team this week as Simon returned from his trip to Japan, however there was no Super-Special Guest. Maybe Roll 7 will be on next week, but we've not been given any guarantees either way.

Without a SSG in this episode Simon and Ste took the opportunity to talk about their latest favourite game: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Although it might sound more like complaining about getting old, rather than talking about the latest game in an established videogame franchise.

We also found out what Ste can say on air, who is making games for Ann, and Simon found out who loves the Switch more than he does. And - what's this? - a challenger approaches! Or a random entrant into the studio at least.

Team OLL


1. Joe Berry Osponge - Phantom Boss Fight
2. PSS 270 - Mikromusikwerk 03 (Casio + Atari)

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No shoes chat this week for those of you tuning in, but we managed to get some paneer chat for those of you interested in a vegetarian Christmas. Ann also kept us up to date with the current leaders in the mince pie ratings and gave good Christmas music advice.

However, maybe we should have asked this week's Super-Special Guest - Tim Summers - instead. He's a musicologist who specialises in videogames and lectures at Royal Holloway, University of London. He told us about what videogames can teach us about music, which games do good generative music, and how videogame music will change in the future. He will also be helping us with our new game genre that we came up with in this episode.

We also worked out if Ste is the same as Rockstar, found out what game Tim played with his Dad, and Ann made two very good jokes.

Team OLL x


1. Nestrogen - Capricious Cohorts
2. Veenomn - The Enter Key

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It's another two-person One Life Left this week as a Japanese-bound Simon swaps his seat in the studio with a recovering Ste. Also, with the main SSG booker being away we failed to get an SSG this week, but we did have an SSS making an appearance instead (Super-Special Siri).
The important thing to note this week is that tickets for our Christmas Marioke are on sale, and are selling pretty quickly. It's being held at the Loading Bar in Dalston on Friday 14th December at 7pm. The real gaming Santa will be there!

We talked about subtitles in videogames, shoes sort-of in videogames, and tried to figure out what we can buy from Telltale. The OLL Style Guide gets a further update with the correct pronunciation of Cyber Monday. Does anyone have the full contents of the OLL Style Guide? We really should have been keeping track of all the entries.

Team OLL x


1. Amateur LSDJ - Urgency
2. Nakayama Ramo - Swing By

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There's one person that Team OLL always want to know what they're up to. That person is Milo, best friend to Peter Moulinex, and one-time caller to the show. Unfortunately we've not heard from him in quite a while, but could this week's Super-Special Guest Kostas Zarifis from Rogue Sun Games help in our quest?

Potentially, but mostly he wanted to talk about his new game Tin Hearts (living in just one mind - another Marioke idea for anyone who actually reads this text). It's a VR game that is Lemmings meets A Christmas Carol, which sounds really great: We always wanted to be able to press a button that would blow up Scrooge and friends all at once. Oh no! It's not like that at all, it's even better than what we thought.

Kostas told us more about Tin Hearts, why he chose to start it in Early Access, and how VR is coming back. There's no Ste this week as he was poorly, but Simon managed to create a new Xbox, and Ann is looking in people's houses, as well as singing most of her review. We also moved into the exciting world of shoutouts.

Team OLL x


1. Commando - Bitrunner Blues (remix)
2. Outrun - Magical Sound Shower (remix)
3. Ghosts and Goblins (surf mix)

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No Super-Special Guest this week due to illness, but we do have the return of the Scants. She's feeling a bit better after a week off, which meant Ste and Simon were feeling a bit better as they wouldn't have to do the news.

Without a Super-Special Guest this meant that the team could work on their personal projects. This involved trying to work out where Ipswich was, remember who Ann made eat an egg, and clarify if Mike Channel can drive in real life.

We also updated the OLL Style Guide with the correct pronunciation of Prima Games, and Simon bought another thing that he definitely won't like. There was also discussion of the latest YouTube videogame shows that are available, which allowed Simon to make a really good joke.

Team OLL x


1. Amateur LSDJ - Fleet
2. MC Jimmy - What it Means

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Another Ann absence this week, which would normally mean that Simon and Ste start buying video game equipment that they don't need, but this time they took to opportunity to learn something about themselves. Which was mostly their middle names.

Ann did manage to write some news which Simon read out, but he did point out that no jokes were included. Unless there were and Simon was news-shaming Ann. Or maybe Ann just improvs the jokes as she's reading the news out?

This week we had the very prepared Nicholas Lovell on as our Super-Special Guest. He was in to talk about his new book - the Pyramid of Games Design - which is aimed at people who make videogames, those who are trying to switch to service-based games, and anyone starting in the industry. He told us how you get people to become superfans of your games, how many layers a game needs, and if losing the narrative in videogames is a Good Thing.

But to be honest, we were a little disappointed that Team OLL wasn't acknowledged in Nicholas' previous book The Curve (which invented FIFA's Ultimate Team mode). Surely this would be rectified in his new book?

We also found out that Ste has been spying on Mrs Graham, how easy it is to put on a bandana (Hi D Perry), if P Moulinex invented Fortnite, how Ste tells the temperature, and Simon couldn't remember.

Team OLL x


1. Imaginary - Transfer Student
2. Nakayama Ramo - Sticky and Stringy

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After three episodes where they were separated by illness and work, the full team were back together. Ste and Simon were particularly happy about this as it mean that they didn’t have to worry about who was doing the news.

This week’s Super-Special Guest was James Parker from Ground Shatter, who wanted to talk about the Switch port of SkyScrappers. Instead Ann asked him to clarify how years works and why we have seasons. It’s really annoying as SkyScrappers is the definitive fighting game where you climb up a collapsing building, and we know how crowded that genre is. We managed to discover if it works with the Flip Grip, if a clever title works in print or only on OLL, and what categories should be in the Switch eshop.

Simon is still buying more stuff, and even persuaded Ann into joining him. Ste is still having microphone issues, Ann worked out why the Pope doesn’t like Apple, and James proved to be a good aide memoire for Ste.

Team OLL x


1. Ada Mills - O.O.E.
2. Klamm - No Life Left

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... When you're driving on a ceiling.

With Ann absent due to non-OLL related work, it was left to Ste and Simon to man the studio. Luckily for Simon's wallet they didn't have to fill the space buying more peripherals for his Switch as they had Leo and Al from Wired Production on as Super-Special Guests. Originally they were on to talk about Leo's history in games, but we rapidly changed to talking about their latest game, GRIP: Combat Racing, once we realised what was literally at stake.

GRIP:Combat Racing is a combat racing game. Once again, what comes after the colon explains everything. It's inspired by the classic Playstation game Rollcage and sees cars driving on the ceiling. Oh wait, that's what the GRIP bit stands for. It turns out not everything is explained after the colon. We asked how GRIP improves on Rollcage, what it is like getting the fans involved, and what should be put in a collector's edition.

Due to Scants' being away there was a news-shaped hole in the episode, and we proved that three men are definitely not the same as one Ann (and we repeated a story - we should really listen to the episodes that we're not on). We also discovered if Leo likes sand, Simon gets another peripheral for his Switch, Ste discovered a Swedish cure for cold, and we had some Red Hot Intellivision Chat.

Team OLL x


1. Imaginary - Transfer Student
2. Zark - Gods of Nature

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After last week with no Ann and no SSG, what will this week bring? Well, Ste had been taking Marioke to the streets of LA and unfortunately caught a bug so couldn't be in the studio. And Simon? Well, he was away but we are never really sure why he needs to take so much time off. Perhaps he bought a new docking station for his Switch.

So it was Ann running the studio, and she wasn't by herself. Helping her out was the NSSSG (Not So Super-Special Guest) Ben Hall. Ben hasn't made a game, but he does upload the podcasted episodes of One Life Left and is also writing this sentence now which is very meta. And, as well as Ben, an absent contributor made his return to the airwaves.

We managed to cover the important gaming topics, like which VR game is potentially the Best VR Game Ever, which FOTS caused Brexit, what game can Ann not pronounce properly, and how will Ben save the programmers at Rockstar? We also got in a fish pun cul de sac and came up with some amazing videogame ideas that we will make our millions from.

Team OLL x


1. Monotron - Chipchune
2. Ada Mills - Secret 7
3. Amateur LSDJ - Macabre

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No SSG. No Ann. No plan. All Ste and Simon.

It's the standard lads night in show - Simon persuades Ste to buy loads of gadgets that he doesn't want, Ste gets to talk about latency (let's talk about you and me), and we forget that with Ann away someone needs to do the news.

We tried to figure out where we have broadcasted from and offered ourselves to other locations (but NOT to other stations), worked out the OLL style guide for where we stand on Parko, Ste made his students do opposites, and Simon is buying lots of items for his favourite new addition to his household.

Team OLL x


1. Klamm - SubZero
2. Solarbear (feat. dr!p) - My Life is a Triathlon and I'm the Slowest Kid on the Playground
3. Amateur LSDJ - Impact

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It's extremely worrying to be writing about a videogame lawyer. If we get anything wrong about them then we could be sued for our Marioke Millions, it's why we've avoided having Phoenix Wright on the show. Luckily this week's Super-Special Guest, Tim Davies from Sheridans, set the bar (clever wording we know, cheers) for being a good lawyer so we took the opportunity to ask him lots of purely theoretical questions that we have to legally state we were not asking for a friend. We manage to cover loot boxes, found out which publishers are good for developers, and when can you legally shake a client.

Ann is still a bit poorly, but this time it seems to be because she licked that Switch cartridge last week. Remember: All of Team OLL are professional trained cartridge lickers, things can go wrong. Please, don't try this at home. Do it outside of the home, as the Switch can be a portable console. Ann is away next week (this is unconnected to the cartridge licking), so if you fancy being an SSG that week (or any other Monday) then drop us a line at the usual address.

As well as all that we had Simon coming to the studio all fresh after a hair cut, we came up with a great non-IP infringing idea, and Ste found out what the kids know about videogames.

Team OLL x


1. adaMills - Secret 7
2. Alternate Dementia - Grizzly

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As befits a new season of One Life Left, we missed recording an episode last week. This was due to the combination of Simon being in Portugal and Ann getting ill through bad videogame news. There was the potential 'third way' of podcasting by having a 'One Ste Left' episode but luckily the OLL National Executive Committee overruled him.

However, this meant that the full team was in the studio this week to talk to our Super-Special Guest: George Perkins from Super Rare Games (Super-Special Rare Games is still available at Companies House). They make games that are usually only available on the Nintendo eShop as actual physical games. Not only that, but you get EXCLUSIVE extras like crosswords, signed trading cards, and pebbles instead of cartridges (the pebble thing might only be a monetisation idea that Ste has had).

We also did some live unboxing, live tasting, updated the OLL style guide, and found out that Ann is going to Comicon. But mostly, we were worried about Simon. Him liking a chiptune is fairly unusual, but not buying a Nintendo product as soon as it's available? Something must have happened in Portugal.

Team OLL x


1. Gavin Graham - The Eve of the War
2. Feryl - Self Esteem (II)

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Annoyingly our attempt at doing a Wii U/EU pun for the title of this episode didn't really work when it was written out. So just make your own ones up, as long as you say them out loud. But anyway. One Life Left is back! After a summer break of about six weeks we were back in time (give or take a few weeks) for the start of Parliament so that we could finally talk about Brexit. We got Ian Dunt, the host of the Remainiacs podcast and Editor on, on as a Super-Special Guest to talk about Brexit but he kept wanting to relate it to videogames. Doesn't he know that we're Europe's only radio show about politics? Or did we get confused from our time away? That's possibly the answer. As well as our red hot Brexit chat we all did our usual spoken-word essay on What We Did In Our Holidays, updated the OLL style guide with the approved pronounciation of 'troll', and let you know which popular beat combos are good at Mario Kart. Ann told us her criteria for a good videogame, Ste gave us a Crimewatch update on his stolen laptop and one of our readers gave Ian the ultimate moral dilemma (great cars them moral dilemmas). Cheerio! Team OLL x Links: Track List: 1. Amateur LSDJ - Hardcore 2. adaMills - Mini Boss 3. hiro094 - Returnees
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It's the final episode of One Life Left before our summer break which means that it's mufti day. Actually, did everyone have a mufti day at school or was it a regional thing? Well everyone brought games in for their last day didn't they?

Despite there not being an England World Cup match on Monday Simon still didn't make it into the studio and he also neglected to book a Super-Special Guest so it was a Scanters and Ste Summer Special. This meant they got to talk about the most relevant topic in videogames this week, which was obviously haircuts.

There was also discussion about immersive theatre, a solid rain joke from Ann, we finally confirmed if we were HAPPY TO PAY FOR GAMES, and the Ste and Microphone feud continued. It'll probably still be going into Season 17.

Team OLL x


1. Deko - Pancakes
2. Feryl - Summer is Fading

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We had a Scanters-shape hole in the show today (why does HR keep approving her holiday requests?) which meant that Simon and Ste needed to do the news this week. Do you think that they planned ahead and wrote the news stories well in advance or decided to throw this week’s Super-Special Guest a curveball and asked him what he thought was good news?

It's a fairly easy question to answer, but we felt that Jim Rossignol from Big Robot would be the perfect SSG to be able to cope with this challenge. He's well known for his polite manner and definitely thinks that swearing isn't big (robot) or clever (robot). Jim also took the chance to tell us about Big Robot's soon-to-be-and-sort-of-already-released fifth game The Light Keeps Us Safe which is available on Steam Early Access.

There was some talk about how the OLL style guide differs to Eurogamer's, we tried to find out why we keep getting excluded from the important debates, and Jim remembered which reviews he forgot about writing.

Team OLL x


1. Crystal Cave - ada Mills
2. Castaway - Amateur LSDJ

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What does QVC stand for? Great products at great prices. OK, let's make this clearer: What do the letters in QVC stand for? You will find out the true answer during this week's episode of OLL. Which stands for One Life Left - a poor videogame radio show on a great radio station.

Our Super-Special Guest was Alex Fleetwood from Sensible Object, who has passed most of his training to be on QVC. He's been busy making Fabulous Beasts, then renaming it as Beasts of Balance, adding a new feature to Beasts of Balance (which is a potential OLL EXCLUSIVE), before moving onto Alexa powered board games like the travel trivia game When In Rome. Alex has also been trying to make Bingo more exciting, but annoying things like image rights have been getting in the way.

We also found out if Simon is annoyed by time travel, if Ste gets on with his microphone, and if Ann liked her hotel in Brighton. And football isn't coming home either, but if this is news to you only as a result of listening to this podcast then you probably weren't that bothered about it’s attendance anyway.

Team OLL x


1. Klamm - Transformation
2. Amateur LSDJ - Storm Outro

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We had the full team in this week but no Super-Special Guest. We were going to get Jesse Lingard on to talk about Fortnite, but he was busy for some reason or other.

After our mini-break last week we came back to a very hot studio and Ste had made the mistake of not wearing shorts (luckily he didn’t make the additional mistake of not wearing trousers). We discussed what we got up to during Saturday’s football, Ann successfully workshopped a joke, Ste ordered some games in contradiction to his previous statements, and Simon has made some money.

We also found out that soon we will find out if we are more important than QVC, that Simon is a Catfish, and that at least two of our Significant Others listen to the show live. You can too at 7pm on Resonance FM.

Team OLL x


Tracklist: 1. Zer0 Filt3r - neato 2. Sanczo Zapiekanka - Pegasos Elegium 3. Amateur LSDJ - Armada

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Simon was back this week but we didn’t have a Super-Special Guest through no fault of our own. Honest. This meant that Ste had more time to talk about Mario Tennis Aces and if he loves it more than he loves Smash Bros. Simon decided to go headphones free and has discovered literally hundreds of pounds hiding in his attic (it’s the cupboard under the stairs that is where the real worthless items are).

We also found out that we are now on Spotify, Ann discovered that you can put JoyCons on your body, and we managed to solve Brexit through loot boxes. We debriefed the team about Marioke in Berlin and how it is different to UK Marioke (mostly it’s to do with smoking).

WARNING: Ste will be mostly talking about Lumines next week so be prepared for that.

Team OLL x


1. Ada Mills - Space Stage
2. Squoril - Atari Love Song

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Sometimes One Life Left is scheduled against big events, which means that some of our listeners usually have to catch up through these podcasts. Luckily this week all that was happening at 7pm was an England match - which pretty much everyone agreed was a 7/10 performance.

For some reason Simon was away this week (which HR are investigating), but he managed to book Luke Williams as a Super-Special Guest before he went off. Luke was on for his fourth or fifth appearance and took his third or fourth chance to talk about Worlds Adrift. Except this time Worlds Adrift has finally been released. As it’s an open world MMO we found out if Americans are nicer than Europeans, why Team OLL was missed off Bossa's big sky ship event, and if the game broke in a good way.

We thought of a great mod for The Last of Us 2, Ann decided she was going to become great at Fortnite, then realised that she was already a legend in Worlds Adrift, Ste showed even more love for Smash Bros, and we found out if Luke enjoyed swinging.

Team OLL x


1. Brink - Tough World
2. Pointless - Pulse Wave Rave Party
3. Klamm - Discoveries

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The full team is back in the studio for the second week in a row, so that should mean that we had no issues with playing jingles correct? Assuming that the Caretaker made the edits that needed doing then the answer is yes.

Our Super-Special Guest was the games designer and writer-for-hire of Little Mix fanfic Holly Gramazio. She clarified some points of order that related to our first episode of this season as she part-curates the amazing Now Play This festival and runs design superstar company Matheson Marcault - our favourite gaming company with the initials MM (at least until Media Molecule are on the show). We find out all about Holly’s new Kickstarter project Art Cards, which cards were rejected from Art Cards, whether people prefer to be Arty or to Party, and what border control think of her job.

Ann brought her backpack into the studio and also found a great loophole for doing E3 news that she should have implemented twelve years ago. Simon has a new purchase that he hasn’t opened yet and jointly proclaimed his love for Kingdom Hearts with Ste. We also found out why Ste has an Android phone. The answer probably won’t shock you.

Team OLL x


1. Klamm - The Door into the Summer
2. Amateur LSDJ - Naval

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The full team were back from their bank holiday off including Simon (who had also taken another four months off for some (literally) small reason and we were willing to answer the most important question in gaming today: Is caviar vegetarian?

We managed to get Tom and Sam from Roll 7 into the studio to tell us all about their new game Laser League 1.0, which sounds (and is) excellent. We found out what it is like to be beaten at your own game, how useful feedback from the public is (remember to send in your letters to us) and what colour their new game is. Hey - some running jokes just span multiple seasons.

We also find out that Ste didn’t want Sam to talk very much on the show, if we had a shark in the studio, try to remember if we’re on Spotify (spoiler: not yet), and find out rough Simon is with his Switch.

Team OLL x


1. Klamm - Doc (seems to have been deleted from Chipmusic - Ed)
2. sudstep - Beach Episode
3. amateur lsdj - Peace Outro

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We’re back! And as usual for us coming back for a new season, we’re not on next week. We also don’t have a Super-Special Guest, Super-Special Simon or the Super-Special reviews theme. So normal service has resumed.

We are also proud to announce that One Life Left is GDPR compliant, which famous person an Italian Ste looks like and that Ann has forgotten her headphone and hairdo preferences. There’s also a review of how Marioke has taken over the world and we tell you all how great Now Play This was.

Not only that you get to find out if our partners are snorers or not. As we said, normal service has resumed.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. ada Mills - prelude (NES)
2. Lognes - Artificial Intelligence Assistant
3. Justbeenwarpzoned - Ignorance

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This is our final episode from 2018’s GDC. Ste finally manages to get the subject onto ice cream, but we also got to speak to these fab* Super-Special Guests:
Robin-Yann Storm (@RYStorm)
Esben Kjær Ravn (@esbenravn)
Daniel Nye Griffiths (@D_Nye_Griffiths)
Mare Sheppard (@MareSheppard)
Raigan Burns (@raiganburns)
Carli Velocci (@velocciraptor)

Hosted by:
Bryant Francis (@rbryant2012)
Kris Graft (@krisgraft)
Ste Curran (@steishere)
Ann Scantlebury (@scanters)

Team OLL (and Team Gamasutra) x

* Clever wording we know, cheers

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Our fourth GDC episode sees us missing Kris for the first set of Super-Special Guests, but we manage to get him back partway through the show. Speaking of which, the Super-Special Guests on the show were:
Robin-Yann Storm (@rystorm)
Joel Nyström (@reallyjoel)
Nathalie Lawhead (@alienmelon)
Bennett Foddy (@bfod)
Robin Baumgarten (@robin_b)
Frank Cifaldi (@frankcifaldi)
Vincent Diamante (@vincentdiamante)

Hosted by:
Alex Wawro (@awawro)
Kris Graft (@krisgraft)
Ann Scantlebury (@scanters)
Ste Curran (@steishere)

Team OLL (and Team Gamasutra) x

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First there was an episode of One Life Left from GDC 2018. Then there was another one of it. Then there was another one of it (we need a new joke for episode 4). Featuring the following Super-Special Guests:
Jennifer Hazel (@rx_pixel)
Osama Dorias (@osamadorias)
Laura Bularca (@sarienn)
Emily Short (@emshort)
Will Porter (@batsphinx)
Andrew Barron (
Jennifer Scheurle (@Gaohmee)

Hosted by: Kris Graft (@krisgraft)
Ste Curran (@steishere)
Ann Scantlebury (@scanters)

Game played during the intro/outro: Puyo Puyo Tetris

Direct download: OLL_GDC_2018_03.mp3
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It's our second episode from GDC 2018. Featuring:
Jonathan Ying (@Fancymancer)
Kate Edwards (@geogrify)
Anna Lapinsh (@treslapin)
Gabby DaRienzo (@gabdar)
Luis de Leon (@luisfdeleon)
Brendan Greene (@playerunknown)
Ben Myres (@_benjamming)
Tammy Duplantis (@tambalaya)

Hosted by:
Kris Graft (@krisgraft)
Ste Curran (@steishere)
Ann Scantlebury (@scanters)

Direct download: OLL_GDC_2018_02.mp3
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Recorded live in San Francisco, 19/3/2018. Presented by Ann Scantlebury, Ste Curran and Gamasutra's Kris Graft. Guests: Jerry Belich (Jerrytron) Eline Muijres (Dutch Game Garden) Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) Martine Spaans (Tamalaki Games) Tadhg Kelly (What Games Are) Daniel Nye Griffiths (Improbable) Martin Jonasson (Grapefrukt) David McCarthy (Cygames) Anita Sarkeesian (Feminist Frequency) Adriel Wallick (Train Jam) Quintin Smith (Shut Up & Sit Down) Matt Boch (Harmonix) Leigh Alexander (Reigns: Her Majesty)
Direct download: OLL_GDC_2018_01.mp3
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Here is this week's podcast. 


No-one reads this bit anyway, do they?






Your friends at O??


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It’s Ste, Simon and Ann here. As we type this – each taking a word, because we broadcast in a democracy – we are in the midst of “The Beast From The East” which is 2018-speak for “Some Snow”.

Listeners in the UK will be familiar with Some Snow because when it happens The Man puts it on the news and in the papers. Trains get cancelled and right-wing idiots make a joke about global warming. The country comes to a standstill.

But not us! Oh no, at least two of us and hopefully a Super Special Guest made the arduous trek to Resonance Eff Em to bring you this show, which once again does not feature The Other One.

(Who is a little frustrated because he or she has been meaning to tell you about Celeste – great even though it’s hard – and Mercenary Kings – hard, even though it’s great – both solid 7/10s, full reviews to follow).

As ever, this is probably a brilliant show. The Other One hasn’t listened to it yet because it’d likely wake the baby and we literally frame our lives around trying to keep it asleep for a bit so we can catch up on East Enders.


Ste, Simon and Ann.



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Roses are red

Violets are flowers

Missed One Life Left?

Then enjoy this hour's


Hi Listeners.

HUGE Apologies for being so tardy with the podcast so far this year. All have us have been so busy, we’ve neglected our duty to you, our biggest fan.

We have found a short-term solution, though – one of us has been sacked from show and forced to upload the podcast, which also involves writing this bit. See if you can guess who.

This week, the show features Ste and Ann talking about stuff, which includes videogames and probably Marioke. I dunno, I haven’t heard it, I have a baby. Ste said I could do this bit whilst literally holding it but that’s not true. Have you ever held a baby? It takes, at the very least, half of your arms.

Anyway, I’m going to upload this now. I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love from,

Ste, Simon, Ann

PS: Please help support Resonance FM - head to the fundraiser site here





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