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It’s difficult when you have a decision to make and both options are fantastic. On one hand we all had an invite back to Lewis Schaffer’s where we would have discussed how great both of our shows are and possibly someone would have understood Simon’s t-shirt reference. On the other hand we had a show to make and produce. And if we didn’t make the show would Lewis have invited us to his place?

Luckily there was an additional factor to bear in mind when making our decision as videogame legend Mev Dinc was on the show. We covered loads of topics from the 8 bit computers up to the present day, but it was good to find out the easiest way to port Enduro Racer from the Spectrum to the Amstrad, how/why First Samurai was possibly the most pirated game on the Amiga and what it was like to be one of the main people to make Ubisoft the success it is today.

We also found out that Ste has come up with some merch ideas (which might mean we finally have a chance of monetising our brand), Ann went on a walk (but forgot to play Pokemon Go) and Simon might not need to put his Wii U in the canal. Our GDC Marioke was advertised at the end of this show, but it’s already sold out so the news was a bit out of date (kind of like Sega Badawi’s Local News).

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. ATKstat - Pressure
2. Chrome Cobra - How Cobra Got His Groove Back

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