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Right, the Caretaker stayed a lot later at work than expected today so this intro is going to be missing the (attempts at) jokes that you usually receive. There was no Simon this week or at our Christmas Party and Ann couldn’t be bothered to do any news, so we reviewed 2017 and Si Park’s review of 2017. Expect the CD of Resonance FM tunes to become a major part of the show in 2018.

We also gave the definitive list of iPad games which we shall type here for posterity:
Getting Over It
Anything by Zac Gage
Picross Galaxy
Reigns: Her Majesty
Anything by Simogo
Anything by Mediocre Games
Space Team
Desktop Dungeon
Any Synthesiser simulators

Cheerio and Merry Christmas!
Team OLL x


1. The Emu - Foodman in Duckland
2. Shizundeiru Chip - Sabertooth
3. METRO - Codename: Sailor V

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Due to a swollen tongue we were unable to have a Super-Special Guest this week. As this is likely to be the final episode of 2017 with the full team we took advantage of the extra time to complain about Animal Crossing and Battlefront 2.

Outside was pretty cold, but the studio was fairly hot so it was tops off for all attending - even the piano. It was Simon’s birthday last week and he took to his new hoverboard to become a YouTube/drug deal busting Superstar. Expect it to be in a canal near you at some point in 2018.

We also discussed which industry celebrities are confirmed for our Christmas Party. Ste is making preparations for Ste Life Left, Ann isn’t paying attention and Simon played PUBG for the first time ever. By the end of the show we were talking about nursery rhymes. Maybe we do need Super-Special Guests.

Team OLL x


1. PSS-270 - Mikromusikwerk 01
2. Frank Angelotti Is Dead - Careless Whisper

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As we approach December it becomes time for it to not only be tops on, but for double tops on along with hats and scarves. This week’s Super-Special Guest Teddy Dief held no truck with popular opinion and tried to go tops off from the very beginning of the show. He had flown into London to represent Square Enix Montréal in his role as Creative Director and we took the opportunity to ask what it was like working on AAA titles again after previously working on the indie title Hyper Light Drifter and also being in academia.

Teddy also told us about an online crane game that sounds really interesting, an EXCLUSIVE reveal about a game that he’s working on, who he tells taxi drivers that he works for and we tell him how he could use that information to his advantage. One Life Left: always looking to use a system to their benefit. Or to push Phil Fish over. One of the two.

We found out how many moons Ste has, how happy Simon is with Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Ann had to do some live editing of the news due to font troubles. What we didn’t find out is how we can get our show on Spotify. We’re missing out on literally fractions of pennies as a result of this. If only we hadn’t worn out our Caretaker during One Life Left Week.

Team OLL x


1. Warefaire - Heros And Hauntings
2. Sypher1590 - Oui Sí Waves

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We’re back to our usual podcasting schedule so from now on until the Caretaker’s next holiday (or our next holiday) you can expect a new episode to download at some random point on a Wednesday.

This week we had David Nadal from Eden Games as a Skype Super-Special Guest to talk about driving games and in particular Gear Club, which is to shortly come out on Switch. We try to find out how driving games have changed since Eden was founded in 1998, what players want from a driving simulator and if Gear Club has the most important car as a playable option: a blue Ford Focus.

In the show we announce that the tickets for our Christmas party have been delayed, but they’re on sale now. Which is a terribly confusing sentence. Anyway, if you want to come to our Christmas party and see if Father Keithmas will give you a present then click on the Eventbrite link at the bottom.

We also try to work out if No Man’s Sky is indie, which of the team would like a cat VR game, how popular Simon is on YouTube and if Radio Five Live listen to us for inspiration.

Team OLL x


1. lamsorz - Shade Storms
2. Klamm - Trauma

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This episode sees our latest attempt in Understanding Esports. The Super-Special Guest showing incredible patience as we ask obvious questions was Deborah Mensah-Bonsu from Space Ape Games. We find out when the first ever esport happened and how Twitter changed the world of esports. In addition we try to see if you can deliberately design a game to be an esport. Ann then uses this information to make her own esport.

Space Ape have made lots of games that can be classed as esports so Deborah was a good guest to have. But in order for their new game to become an esport we need one of the team to be a watcher. Which one will it be?

Ste was back from Finland so as punishment we put him a cupboard with a dodgy microphone for the first half, Simon works out a new way to monetise the show by entering a competition and Ann tries to remember if she's played The Witcher before.

Team OLL x


1. This Is Embr- Poison, Poison, Thorns!!
2. Amateur LSDJ - Marathon

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It was the night before Halloween and all spooky things were going on in the studio which was affecting the jingles. Or maybe Ste was in Finland, which meant Simon was operating the desk and muffed it up. No. It’s definitely the first of those two options. Spooky right?

What wasn’t spooky was our Super-Special Guest (or our ability to segue between topics). We got Jupiter Hadley on the show to talk about streaming indie games, her website which - no! but yes! - keeps track of all indie game jams, why she started streaming videogames and if a jam is better if it’s faster. Jupiter is nominated for a Golden Joystick and you could have voted when the show first aired, but it’s another unfortunate casualty of the Caretaker’s holiday. Sorry Jupiter.

As Super Mario Odyssey had just come out, Simon may have gone slightly overboard with the song selection in this episode. Was it worth it? You’ll find out in the reviews. Ann did a football joke, despite having jet lag from playing Mario when the clocks changed, we worked out the least scariest game, announced a Jack Attridge game and found out what Jupiter would do in an empty home.

Team OLL x


1. The Super Mario Players feat.Kate Davis - Jump Up, Super Star!
Itunes -
Web version -
2. Mario - Just Dance 3
3. Super Mario RPG/DjjD/Jehm Faulking - Tricky Labyrinth
4. Super Smash Bros/WillRock - Smash and Burn

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Right, the Caretaker went away for a week with strict instructions for the two episodes that he would miss to be uploaded each Wednesday. These instructions were not followed. Therefore this week is now going to be One Life Left Week. This episode from two weeks ago will be uploaded on Tuesday, the following episode on Friday and the next one on Monday. This should get us back up to speed. It also means Dan Marshall is going to be doing a heck of a lot of running this week.

So, what happened in this/that week’s episode? Ann was still playing Picross and managed to get juice all over the screen. Ste was doing Marioke in Sweden and also presented the Swedish Game Awards. Simon went to Blackpool for the Slime Fest and found out the correct way to talk to EthanGamerTV.

Our SSSG was Yan Kuzovlev from Weappy Studio, who called in to talk about their game This Is The Police which was about to be launched on Switch, but has now been out for ages. Sorry Yan, it’s not my fault. Yan talked about how This Is The Police had been received on PC and the other consoles and why (“the” - Ann) Switch was a logical choice for the next port.

There was also a bit of chat about the price of popcorn these days. You know the usual videogame chat.

Ste is away next/last week as he’s in Finland. Luckily the show will be in good hands right? Find out on Friday…

Team OLL x


1. Not entirely sure
2. Veenomn - My Haunted Ass
3. Son Of A Bit! - Chased By A Running Chupacabra
4. Donotrunwithpixels - Sorry For The Long Track Title, Here’s A Potato

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We tried getting Lewis Schaffer on the show to be able to find out if he really does eat toilet paper and, if so, whether he eats it folded to the front or back. But really we wanted his son on the show so we could finally work out what League of Legends actually is. Unfortunately we didn’t do a great job of arranging it so we contacted the next League of Legends expert we knew: HRH Lord Sir Charles Cecil.

Luckily we managed to catch Charles in a rare talkative mood and managed to find out lots of information. He’d just been to that burger shop Simon owns and told us various tales involving topics like the Congo (he didn’t tell us what he drank there), the Gunpowder plot, religion and Turkey (the country). We even managed to get a mini-audition for a new Weather Presenter on the show due to the strange weather across the country. And there’s an EXCLUSIVE! reveal about Charles’ latest game.

Other than that we were all a bit under the weather, reminisced about buying Tamagotchis, had a LIVE NEWS UPDATE from Ste and had some Local News.

We also announced our Final Marioke date of 10/11 and announced the Christmas Marioke date of 08/12. We’ll tell you where to buy the tickets for the Christmas event soon. See you there! Apart from Simon as he’s off.

Oh and expect delays in the upload of the podcast for the next two weeks as the Caretaker is off on holiday. He didn’t even check it with HR!

Team OLL x


1. Hide Your Tigers - Candlvwax!
2. Nanoloopbandit - Bank 7

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Alternative title: Babylon Zune

This episode was brought to you by the freshers’ flu. In fact, even the caretaker is writing this with a very snuffly left nostril. As a fun side quest why not see if you can count how many times we cough away from the microphone?

Our SSG (no additional S required) was James Parker from Ground Shatter. He risked our germ-filled studio to talk about his latest game Rico. It’s a co-op FPS where you kick doors and shoot men. Kind of Rainbow Six but with the boring bits removed (which depends on if you consider the non-shooty bits boring). Ste of last year would have hated this game but it’s now right up his violent street. James has even made the game incredibly timely by adding in a certain animal (that will probably be out of date in two weeks’ time). As Ann is in HR she asked a very pertinent ethical question about the baddies, but James had an apposite response.

Sorry about the different vocabulary in this episode intro. The cold must be affecting the caretaker in ways we didn’t know possible.

We also found out what Simon has found under his stairs, why Ste got sent dirty pants through the post and chatted about spiders and toilet roll a bit too much for a radio show about videogames. Sega Badawi informed us of Local News and we’ve come back from Finland via a castle in a river on an island. This is literally where videogame karaoke can take you.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Jerkemy – Zero Days Without A Gravity Wave Incident
2. MicroD – Rhotic Stagger

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There’s a fable about how you go on One Life Left twice: once on the way up and once on the way down. So what does it mean if you are on the show for a third time? In Tony Gowland’s case it means that you are releasing Binaries on Switch. Tony was on as a SDSSSG (Slightly Delayed Super-Special Guest) to tell us about the (lack of) difficulty in porting to the Switch, how helpful Nintendo are and if you should make a game controller smashingly frustrating. Tony is also making a game that’s a twin stick shooter influenced by Ghostbusters, which has to be great doesn’t it?

The team had an alright week. Ste had a week of teaching and Simon got a little confused about who Ste had actually been teaching, Ann walked in front of the Patron Saint of Resonance FM and Simon’s man crush is getting worse.

We also found out that we need to find a Nick Faldo to help Tony out, that Simon can tell brilliant jokes from a content perspective and that Sega Badawi is just about managing to find some local news. And Marioke is off to Dundee on 17 November so we’ll see you there.

Team OLL x


1. d0us - Tactical Bacon
2. Amateur LSDJ - Fleur

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This week saw the whole of Team OLL back in the studio and there’s been some major developments. Simon is getting into virtual currency, but only the type of virtual currency that costs him actual currency. Ann is potentially back in VR and Ste is keeping track on how many waters he has drunk. Well, for us they were pretty major.

For the second time in as many weeks we welcomed a Skype Super-Special Guest onto the show. This week’s one was Brandon Edler from Finish Line Games (dammit, we should’ve chosen The Edler Scrolls as the episode title). He was on mostly to talk about NBA, how nice people in Toronto are and how nice people in the Games Industry in Toronto are. Oh, and we let him talk about Finish Line’s excellent adventure game MAIZE, which has just been released onto PlayStation 4 and XBox One.

Maize is a videogame about sentient corn and was inspired by the classic Lucasarts games, as well as the new style of adventure games. We also found out how the move from PC to consoles has gone, how bored Brandon is of corn puns (ignore the episode title Brandon) and how many corn renderings does it take to set a PC on fire.

Sega Badawi finally uncovered some local news and we promoted our Marioke gig at Leamington Spa this Friday. It’s for charity so if you could come and add to the atmosphere you’d be even more of a FOTS than you already are.

Team OLL x


1. ATKstat – This Isn’t Over
2. Amateur LSDJ – Victory
3. YWN – Bqck In Bluck

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As our tradition with the second episode in a new season of One Life Left we do not have the full team in the studio. Unfortunately Ann drew the short straw and was absent due to illness, but she managed to send us in her news for Ste to read it out. Will he be a good Ann replacement?

We had a Skype Super-Special Guest this week and it was Jaakko Maaniemi from 10 Tons games. They are one of the elder statesmen of indie developers so it was interesting to get an experienced viewpoint of how indie games have changed over the years, which platform is currently the best and why, and what are the challenges for indies at the moment. He also spoke about 10 Tons latest game Time Recoil, which is a twin stick shooter that nods respectfully in the direction of Max Payne and Hotline Miami.

In addition to that we hear about Mario going tops off (he obviously listens to the show), try to work out if we are actually on air and we repurpose information from the internet for our own benefit.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Matt D – Watch Out!!
2. Jiar - We Did It Reddit!!
3. Cecil The Goat - Hoof In Hoof

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After going off on our summer holidays we’re back! But does this count as a new season or not? The official OLL Style Guide isn’t clear on the matter but we’ve taken a chance and decided that the fifteenth season starts here.

This is what we did on our holidays:
- Simon blanked both Ste and (FOTS) Rami in Germany
- Ann and Ste went to an esport
- Simon got annoyed by Sonic Mania
- We all found out that you can do other stuff on a Monday other than make a radio show

So in other words, it was business as usual. At least with Simon being back we managed to book a Super-Special Guest. Book being the special word as the SSG was Nate Crowley, author of 100 Best Video Games (That Never Existed). The book started life as a series of tweets to avoid writing a book, which seems a strange way of not writing a book. We found out what was the first game that Nate made up and how many people have been tricked by the book. We’re offering up our copy in an auction so put your bids in.

Team OLL x


1. Tangy Phoenix - Free
2. Cecil The Goat - Sometimes I Feel Good

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It’s our last show of the current season, and we were already one person down with Simon going to Canadia. But would Dan Marshall have listened to our pleas last week and be our Super-Special Guest, or will we remember to not mention him on the show?

In related news Ann does a review of Dan Marshall’s Behold The Kickmen and we had Sega Badawi as our Super-Special Guest. It was Sega’s first time in the studio and we took full advantage to ask him about reporting from the Mushroom Kingdom. We even got him to do a live local news, which he nearly did perfectly. Although he did slightly spoil Weaselspoon’s letter about Edinburgh by rabbiting on about footballers so the links below detail the shows that he mentioned.

The other link relates to the news story that Sega found out on his rounds. How will Ste and Ann react to his investigation? Presumably the same way that our CD player took the first attempt at playing the news jingle.

See you in about six weeks!

Team OLL x


1. Amateur LSDJ - Explosion
2. Feryl - Summer Is Fading
3. Alone - Your Eternal Adventures

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There’s no Super-Special Guest this week, despite our best efforts as you will find out during this episode. Instead the team get together to chat about videogames and prepare for our AGM. Have we all met our objectives for the year?

But mostly we spoke about Splatoon 2. Have you played Splatoon 2? It’s rather good.

We also referenced an old show presented by Craig Charles, cured and caused the common cold, busted the myth of Crash Bandicoot and Simon realised he could’ve stopped a disaster.

Cheerio and don’t get cooked… stay off the hook!
Team OLL x

Definitely not

1. Club Cult - Bull Shift
2. Klamm - Solar_Sailer
3. We Danced - Untilted 6

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After ten years of hosting One Life Left it seems that Ste thinks it’s time for an image change and he’s now going to become the bad boy of videogames. Not content with skinny dipping last week in Finland, we learnt about how he broke the rules in his youth. It’s a shocking revelation that we need to warn you about here so that it doesn’t offend you too much.

We were happy to finally be able to put a monetary value on how much an appearance on One Life Left will bring you, thanks to Gary Penn being our SSSG last week. Dan Marshall will be kick(ball)ing himself about how much he’s missing out due to his dodgy internet connection.

We also planned a trip to Bury, found out that Radiohead are trolling us and Ann found out what the lads do behind her back when the news is on.

Come to Married-oke this Friday - the Bad Boy won’t be there but it will still be fun!

Team OLL x


1. Johan Andersson - Ghost and Goblins (Surf Mix)
2. Veenomn - Big Beat
3. Sudstep - Like We Used To

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(Who, who, who, who?)

There’s no Ste this week. After literally getting out of his sick bed to dj at Ann’s wedding celebration he then literally went back to his sick bed. This meant that Simon was in charge of the studio so there could be problem with the wrong jingles being played. Luckily our Super-Special Guest that we’d booked ages ago wouldn’t let us down right?

We activated the ESSSG (Emergency Skype Super-Special Guest) beacon and Denki’s Gary Penn answered the call. He had a haircut especially for the show but it would also get an outing for his big interview with Jonathan Smith this week’s Develop Conference. Denki had been working on Crackdown 3, but have recently been taking the opportunity to test a few new game ideas out. One of which has come to fruition as Autonauts, which you can download for free on

We also spoke to Gary about working on magazines (which involved the Mario coin sound needing to be used), how making games helps you learn about ropes and which pubs he went to in Bath. There was also confirmation on the official OLL Style Guide pronunciation of and Ann got married!

And it was Engineer Week this week at Resonance FM. Thanks to our excellent engineers, we literally couldn’t do the show without you.

Team OLL x


1. Gigatron - Bubble Bobble Theme
2. Pinozulp - Gods (Into The Antanifull)
3. Captain MoreGain - Return To Monkey Island

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There was no Ann this week as she’s busy preparing for her wedding (this is also why we’re not doing a show next week). We also didn’t have a Super-Special Guest, but this was just as well as they would have been totally overshadowed by our live preordering special! Yes, in the same way that Sky Sports News only does well when it is transfer deadline day, this week’s episode saw live coverage of whether the space under Simon’s stairs would see an increase in items being stored in it. But would Ste also fall under the item’s spell? And would anyone regret their purchase by the end of the episode?

Without an SSG our listeners helped fill the void by sending us loads of excellent letters. Sega Badawi also helped for a minute with some Local News. The rest was covered by Simon’s grey joycon, Ste going back to trousers and a rather crap Glaswegian accent. Oh, and as this episode gets uploaded we’ll be at Unite Europe doing a Marioke with Simon Parkinson. What will we get him to do in Amsterdam? As with preordering in The Netherlands all bets are off. And probably tops too.

Team OLL x


1. Sudstep - Like We Used To
2. Pselodux - Columinata

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Blimey it’s been hot this week. So hot that the CD kept accidentally playing the wrong jingles. Yes that’s exactly why it did it this week. Nothing to do with us doing it wrong. FUN FACT: The alternative title for this week’s episode was going to be Jingle’s Rosy Rupeeland.

But instead we went for a title named after the last game that our SSG - Gwen Frey - helped make, which was The Flame and The Flood. She had just flown in from America and boy were her arms tired! We spoke to her about how her studio Molasses Flood came into being; which came first: The studio or the game; and what are the pros and cons of being a Kickstarter success. Ann also managed to get an EXCLUSIVE but it wasn’t as EXCLUSIVE as we hoped. So, more of an exclusive then.

We also got our legs out for radio, thought of another great monetisation idea and got maths wrong. Sega Badawi brought some local news and Ann got an injury at third base. Ouch.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. AJAXE - Death Lord Wasabi
2. Amateur lsdj - Igneous

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After a frantic week in the UK, we got the team together to talk a bit about E3. But where was Ann? We tried to check with HR, but we couldn’t contact her either. How strange.

Luckily we had a SSSG (Selfie Super-Special Guest) that made up for our missing newsreader: Anisa Sanusi. She had been on the show before during an Ann Life Left and also during GDC, but this was the first time she got to be interrogated by the heavyweights of videogame radio shows. And she did a great job at coping with us. We found out how you can become a UX/UI designer; why her current employer, Hutch Games, are great at making driving games; and how UX differs between mobile and consoles.

As well as all that we heard about how Simon used time travel last week, had a competition for a JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker and confirmed that we’re off to Amsterdam with Parkinson. And Sega Badawi could finally use the election in a story.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Amateur LSDJ - Chrysalis
2. Eduard - Lights Of Shanghai

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After the events in London over the weekend Team OLL decided to take a different approach. Without an SSG (Simon was off) or Simon (he was in Barcelona), Ann and Ste went through their favourite nice games. Whilst we normally try to be as positive as possible, us being positive about so many games may disconcert you. Luckily our CD player went on the blink during the reviews section and hearing our shoddy professionalism will reassure you that we’re still the same Team OLL.

We also did a bit of wedding admin, Ann ran on the beach in Scotland and Ste found out he was a super taster. Busy week.

Team OLL x

Track list:
1. m0n0deaf - k0ng0
2. saulc12 - the crunch

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It’s another Bank Holiday Monday so that means it’s time to check back into the Nordic Game Jam and see how things progressed since our last episode. The main issue is that 24 hours had passed since our last Game Jam episode so (in theory) people should have slept. We tried our best to find out the best and worst places to sleep at a Game Jam and also tried to see if snoring had affected any games created.

Luckily we managed to find lots of people who were on our previous episode so we got to see how their ideas (and teams) had changed and also got to speak to someone from the most exotic country attending.

We also came up with an idea for a Game Jam that we thought of two weeks ago, but was two weeks after this episode was recorded. On both times we appear to think it’s a new idea that we’ve had. This is what Game Jams can do to you.

Look in our links section below to see all the games that were created from the Jam. They’re all excellent.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. m0n0deaf - k0ng0
2. amateur lsdj - grounded
3. Eduard - Lights of Shanghai

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We start the episode a little confused. So confused that Ste mentions how it’s our first show together for a few weeks, er, except we were all together last week. Ste did have an excuse in that Team OLL got together over the week to once again give the gift of Marioke to Nordic Game. Apart from Simon who decided Belgium was much better, which it would have been but he failed to go to Ghent or Bobbejaanland.

Anyway, after last week’s lack of an SSG we went overboard by getting a guest who had just flown in from America - and boy were his arms tired! It was Glenn Gregory from ID@Xbox, which is the main route to getting your indie game onto to Xbox platform. We bombarded him with questions that he actually gave a straight answer to like: Is there still a place for traditional indie games? What does Ann need to do to promote her indie game that she hasn’t made yet? And: How many games have been released on the ID service? This last one wasn’t a question we asked, but we did find out the answer in the show.

One other thing that means Glenn will always be a Friend Of The Show is that he managed to give Ann and Ste the opportunity to audition to be a Sugababe. Were either of us successful? We may never know. We also had some Local News, had a joke stolen by time-travelling television people and realised we’re getting old. What a bummer of an ending.

Team OLL x


1. Veenomn – Big Boofer
2. amateurlsdj - Stellar

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Apologies for the delay in releasing this episode - our Caretaker was at a team build in Doncaster. Unfortunately Derek Williams wasn’t providing the after-dinner entertainment but there’s always next time.

Simon was finally back in the country and on the show after a world tour that took in Toronto, Great Yarmouth and Greece and also a flight that was delayed 27 hours. Luckily this meant that Simon had plenty of opportunities to play the Switch in various locations and with different people, including ex-contributors Taliah and Dexter. So without an SSG we decided to discuss the Switch in more detail. Do we think it will change the videogame world? Or how it will change the tea break at cricket matches? And can we persuade Ann to buy her own Switch?

We also found out if Ann passed her driving test, the first line of Ste’s Nordic Game talk and Simon’s cunning plan for his Playstation. Sega Badawi managed to find a non-election story and we had a good idea for a Game Jam.

Team OLL x


1. Kal – On My Own[sgb-mix]
2. Ocean Palace – Zero Leaf

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Another week without Simon, but we’ve been promised that he will definitely be here next week. However, going by his Twitter as at Wednesday, this promise might not be kept. At least Ste will be here, even though Simon thinks Ste won’t be.

As one of Simon’s roles is to book the SSGs, we had to resort to sending a signal out. Luckily Lukas Roper answered and became an SSSG (Skype Super-Special Guest). When Ann found out what Lukas had previously worked on you could hear her gasp in admiration and you can too. Lukas is currently working on the excellently named Corrupt Cup Contest, which is a tongue in cheek online multiplayer game based on the ongoing FIFA scandal. It sounds like it’ll be great fun, although if Team OLL decide to play each other it’ll be a little boring as we all play by the rules and won’t stab each other in the back. Maybe.

Ann tells us a very interesting fact about the oceans and gives us some useful lessons in hacking while Ste made a quite good joke about Whitstable and is worrying about his new talk. We also had a feature from Sega Badawi, who is finding it difficult to have news stories that aren’t about the UK election.

Team OLL x


1. Ampliflyer - Post Physical
2. Mute Hero - BGM 00

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Team OLL managed to get approval from our HR director to go and record a show from the floor of this year’s Nordic Game Jam, which was held in Copenhagen between 20 April and 23 April. So, as Resonance locked us out of the studio this week because of the bank holiday, we decided to release an episode from the first day of the Jam.

Team OLL x


1. Amateur LSDJ - Journey
2. Israel Junior - Spring Song
3. Vincentizghra - Mergefusion
4. YERZMYEY - Agartha
5. VCMG - Swashbuckler Saga

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After a break for the Easter holidays and to go to Denmark, we’re back! And, as usual for when we have a break for a holiday, we’ve left a member of Team OLL in another country.

And our Super-Special Guest had a very apt name for this week’s presenting team with Stephane (Ste + Ann) Ferrandiz from Gamevil making his first appearance on the show. He was here to talk about War of Crown, which has all the best bits of Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics, but none of the bad bits. It’s also has real time PVP so we tried to find out how easy that is to do (presumably we’re thinking of doing it in Marioke).

We also spoke about Snooker, came up with a cheap way to make a mini NES and Ann told us about her massive bruise that happened at the Nordic Game Jam. It’s been a difficult two weeks.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Amateur LSDJ - Equestrian
2. DEgITx - Remember Your Name
3. Leave Luck To Hell - Pheonix Down Syndrome

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It’s the fourteenth season of One Life Left! Miracles can happen if you believe in them! For instance, Ste has a tan and could potentially be djing at Ann’s wedding for up to 22.5 minutes! Oh, and the caretaker could forget to press play and record, thereby missing important chat from the beginning of the episode so had to make a seamless edit (sort of)! Miracles!

Some people could argue that one such miracle would be Failbetter Games getting all of their Kickstarter money for Sunless Skies within one day, but we’re not too surprised by that as their games are rather excellent. And it was EXCLUSIVELY announced on One Life Left so it’s successful monetisation was assured.

This week’s Super-Special Guest was Cash Decuir from - no! But yes! - Failbetter Games so we got to talk to him about how you write for a game like Sunless Skies, what lessons were learnt from their previous Kickstarters and which flying insects are a force for good.

We had a debrief about our Marioke Live event, with the conclusion that it was excellent and that YOU should be there next time. Plus we raised enough money for Resonance that they’ll have no choice but to keep us on air. Sega Badawi gave us the latest Local News, Ann reviewed Wedding games and we also had a bit of goat butter chat. Standard videogame radio show stuff really.

Team OLL x


1. Himsy Pimsy - The Bell
2. Not too sure, we’ll update the website when we remember who did this

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It’s the last day for GDC X One Life Left presented by Gamasutra 2017 and we are all very sad, but luckily we have a sofa full of guests to cheer us up.


Today we talk pitches, perfecting vocal performances, and why there is blood on the walls and wine on Kris’ shoe.


Thanks to all our lovely guests, viewers and listeners. See you next year!


On the show were:

Brian Upton, Game On The Rails

Jon Ingold and Joe Humfrey, Inkle

Tony Gowland, Ant Workshop

Glen Gathard, Pinewood Studios

Sarah Elmaleh, Freelance Voice Actor

Stephen Barlow, Freelance Voice Actor

James Parker, Ground Shatter

Anisa Sanusi, Frontier

Chris Wilson, Cardboard Sword

Barbara Lippe, Entrez

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GDC X One Life Left presented by Gamasutra is joined by more brilliant guests for our show today. It’s Thursday, so the cracks are beginning to show, but we still managed some great networking. Tune in to find out which business deals we brokered on the sofa today.

On the show today were:

Mike Jungbluth, Volition

Ryan James, Naughty Dog

Rhodri Broadbent, Dakko Dakko

Andrew Maximov, Naughty Dog

Grace Carroll, Creative Assembly

Matt Lees and Paul Dean, Shut Up and Sit Down

Nic Tringali, Bithell Games

Teddy Diefenbach, Square Enix

Robin Arnott, Independent

Colin Northway, Northway Games

Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris, The Tiniest Shark

Michael Lee, Schell Games

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GDC X One Life Left presented by Gamasutra is live from the show floor, talking to more amazing guests and, for the first time ever, smelling their games.

Tune in tomorrow for more sensory experiences.

On the show today were:

Rebekah Saltsman, Finji

Kert Gartner,

Rayna Anderson, Eidos Montreal

Itay Keren, Untame

Tanya Short, Kitfox Games

Richard Rouse, Paranoid Productions

Herman Narula, Improbable

Martine Spaans, Tamalaki Publishing

Lisa Brown, Independent

Jenn Sandercock, Inquisiment

Alex Fleetwood, Sensible Object

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GDC X One Life Left presented by Gamasutra is live on the conference floor and we are Twitch streaming together for the first time!

We’re joined by some incredible guests who chat carousels, cash and the coldest GDC on record. Tune in again tomorrow for more.

On the show were:

Gemma Thomson, Kaludoscope

Richard Lemarchand, USC

Holly Gramazio, Matheson Marcault

Mark Cooke, Shiny Shoe

Kenny Young, AudBod

Grant Shonkwiler, Shonkventures

Shawn Allen, NuChallenger

Emily Short, Spirit AI

Soren Johnson, Mohawk Games

Hannah Bunce, BBC

Tanya DePass, I Need Diverse Games

Brandon Sheffield, Necrosoft Games

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We’re easing ourselves into GDC week with a low-key hotel room recording, but there is nothing low-key about our brilliant guests.

Adriel Wallick fills us in on how Train Jam went, Rami Ismail from Vlambeer talks to us about his talks this year, Unity’s Kerry Turner tells us what it’s like being on a booth.

We’re also joined by The New Yorker’s Simon Parkin, Shailesh Prabhu from Cape,  Mediocre’s Henrik Johansson, and Runa Haukland and Henriette Myrlund from Splash Jam.

If that’s us at low-key, imagine where we’ll be by the end of the week.

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It’s the final One Life Left of the season, before we go into our cocoon and emerge as One Life Left X Gamasutra for this year’s GDC. Unfortunately Simon didn’t obey our rules and went into hibernation earlier than expected due to a cold. This also probably means that Simon will be Patient Zero for this year’s Con Flu. One Life Left is always ahead of the game.

Our Super-Special Guest this week was the always-excellent Matt Sheret. Some might argue that he actually doesn’t have much to do with videogames and he was only on the show as he was in the area and answering our calls. But he’s actually very big in VR (our alternative title for this episode was Lawnmower Matt).

We also spoke about the hot topic of gender in Pokemon and gave a typical One Life Left response, found out which Batmen Ann identifies with and tried to remember where our Blackberry Playbooks were. And we give more info about our New York and San Francisco Marioke parties, the gist being: Get there early.

Cheerio and see you in America!
Team OLL x


1. Jellica - Side Rmx 4three
2. Klamm - Prisma
3. Plants of Prisms - ekononom

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This week’s show sees two BIG Marioke announcements. The first is that we’re doing a Marioke gig in New York on 24th February (we would put 24/02, but it would just confuse everyone who is going there). It promises to be a great event and not just because Simon won’t be there.

The second Marioke announcement involved our Super-Special Guests, Henry and Chris. They’re in a band that play live backing tracks to people singing songs. But hang on, don’t we have a side-project that changes the lyrics of karaoke songs to be about videogames? Is there some way that we combine these two aspects and make a Marioke with a live backing band? And perhaps we could make it a fundraising event for Resonance FM (the best radio station ever)? The answer to all these questions is YES.

Other than our amazing announcements we further developed our relationship with Lewis Schaffer, had a cameo appearance from Producer Chris and Ann confirmed that smoking is cool. She’ll probably have to speak to HR over the week about this.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Business Pastel - Mutual
2. POPCORNKID - Out The Sound

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It’s just the lads tonight as Ann had a migraine. And being a kind, trusting team at One Life Left we take her at her word and don’t try to work out where else she could be - at least for the first half-hour anyway.

We also failed to have a Super-Special Guest in the studio. But luckily that meant we could talk to David Heslop about videogame tv via Skype. David told us how difficult it is to get videogames on television (usually through a SCART lead or HDMI cable) and how frustrating that is considering the many opportunities that games offer children’s tv.

Normally Ann being away causes issues with the news, but luckily Ann came to the rescue. There was also a bit of Parkinson chat, Simon told us what it’s like to be a big deal on Twitter and Ste nearly broke his NDA. Ouch.

Team OLL x


1. Hide Your Tigers - Decaying Tigers
2. Enders Crusade - Xenocide
3. Shintarou Music - Hanging

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One thing we always forget to check before each show is if Simon’s workplace proximity acquaintance John believes our Super-Special Guest for this week’s show is excellently named. Luckily this week we remembered and we can confirm that week’s SSG - Jake Tucker - has a John-Approved name.

Jake is currently writing for Rock Paper Shotgun, but has also been involved with Videobrains, which Vice described as TED talks for videogames. He’s also created a game called 20something that is based on his personal experiences and is currently working on a new game that will presumably be based on when he was on the show. Either that or Ste persuaded him to make a cricket themed sequel called 20twentysomething.

We also found out the difference between Itch and Steam, Ann made a slight mistake in her news that Ste and Simon were far too gentlemanly to point out, had a debate about Outrun (that was easily solved) and had features from Rob Beer and Sega Badawi.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Draggs Connor - Cats!!!-!
2. HEADBAND - Buddhic Bossa

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It’s difficult when you have a decision to make and both options are fantastic. On one hand we all had an invite back to Lewis Schaffer’s where we would have discussed how great both of our shows are and possibly someone would have understood Simon’s t-shirt reference. On the other hand we had a show to make and produce. And if we didn’t make the show would Lewis have invited us to his place?

Luckily there was an additional factor to bear in mind when making our decision as videogame legend Mev Dinc was on the show. We covered loads of topics from the 8 bit computers up to the present day, but it was good to find out the easiest way to port Enduro Racer from the Spectrum to the Amstrad, how/why First Samurai was possibly the most pirated game on the Amiga and what it was like to be one of the main people to make Ubisoft the success it is today.

We also found out that Ste has come up with some merch ideas (which might mean we finally have a chance of monetising our brand), Ann went on a walk (but forgot to play Pokemon Go) and Simon might not need to put his Wii U in the canal. Our GDC Marioke was advertised at the end of this show, but it’s already sold out so the news was a bit out of date (kind of like Sega Badawi’s Local News).

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. ATKstat - Pressure
2. Chrome Cobra - How Cobra Got His Groove Back

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It’s the first show of a new year (4AL* if you’re keeping note) and all the team is back. Ste returned from his overseas holiday to the Caribbean and Ann came back from Spain. Jamaica? Yes, otherwise she’d be hearing from our HR director.

To ease us into the new year, we got a guest in who is always willing to talk to us on numerous topics. Well, as long as that topic is the game that his company has recently released. It’s David McCarthy from Cygames! He managed to make all our questions relate to Cygames’ latest release Shadowverse, except for when we asked if Shadowverse was made by magicians. Shadowverse is Hearthstone meets Magic The Gathering and is played by 15 million Japanese people everyday, and 15 million people can’t be wrong (Insert EU Referendum reference here)!

We also found out if Ste has become bloodthirsty now his Mum says he can play violent games (Sub please check this), what DAU stands for, what Simon has recently ordered to put at the bottom of the canal and what is frustrating Ann. Sega Badawi also made a return and we announced a very special guest for next week (cue the Hallelujah chorus).

Team OLL x

* After Luigi


1. Veenomn - Drifting Away
2. Drags Connor - Game Over

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