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We have two rules for our guests. No swearing. No banging. But, as you’ll find out on this week’s show, those rules do not apply to Team OLL. Obviously it’s because Simon wasn’t on the show so the rest of Team OLL felt we could break the rules. Worryingly this may mean that Simon is the responsible one of Team OLL.

For instance, Simon is responsible for booking our Super-Special Guests and he came up trumps this week with Ben Nicholson from Cape Guy Games. Or should that be Ben Nicholson, who is Cape Guy? We tried our best to work this out, but as usual we got incredibly confused. We’re blaming the incredibly quick studio changeover from Lewis Schaffer’s Nunhead Radio - which we now have to a fine art and shall be teaching our techniques to F1 pit crews across the world.

Anyway, Ben was on the show to talk about his new game Ski Three, which is a match three game crossed with an endless runner. We found out about who the game was aimed at and why that could have caused problems if it wasn’t good enough (luckily it was). Ann gave us all a live skiing lesson and Ste got confused between piracy and friendship.

We also had to commence dealing with our lawyers thanks to a tip-off from Jimmy at Loading Bar. Can any of our listeners in Norwich help us?

Team OLL x


Track list
1. Veenomn - Dreamin
2. Defensem3ch - Fruit Punch
3. Kazzy - Plank of Wood
4. DEgITx - Machine Paradigm

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