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To paraphrase Adam and The Ants: Don’t bang. Don’t swear. Obey these two rules and you’ll do fine as a Super-Special Guest. And as Darren Wall from Read-Only Memory was on for his fourth appearance there’s no way that he would break those rules. Right?

Darren was promoting Read-Only Memory’s latest book which is about the Bitmap Brothers universe. After a brief history lesson for Ann we started to find out more details about them and tried to determine if the Bitmaps produced the first ever cool games. And how did Woolworths play into their creation? Unfortunately Darren failed to announce the next book that he’s working on, but we give him some great ideas. Mostly involving us.

Away from our SSG we named a bear (using a joke that The Caretaker made about a year and a half ago in a podcast description), Ste had a gym induction, Ann got a great gasp from one of her GOOD NEWS stories and Simon got distracted by the smell of the book. And Sega Badawi failed to get the GOOD NEWS ONLY memo.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Kazzy - Defragment
2. This Is Embr - Sixteen Bit

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