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Once again it’s another episode without Simon Byron and Sega Badawi. Actually, we’ve never seen Simon and Sega in the same room. Could they be the same person? We’ll try to find out by next week.

But anyway. This week’s episode started with a remixed version of the OLL theme due to a dodgy cd, luckily it wasn’t a portent of future issues to come as the show had absolutely no problems (assuming we remembered to edit them out). At least we started to make inroads into a special relationship with the other One Life Left (not that one). And Ste set a new world speed run for Braid.

Our Super-Special Guest this week was Stella Wisdom from the British Library. She was in to talk about her Off The Map competition which combines actual historical documents with actual interactive games. We found out about how it got started, what the theme for the next set of games is and about the Wordplay festival, which recently took place at the Library. And we didn’t make any sssh jokes. We’ve become so professional recently (assuming we remembered to edit out our mistakes).

Team OLL x


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We have two rules for our guests. No swearing. No banging. But, as you’ll find out on this week’s show, those rules do not apply to Team OLL. Obviously it’s because Simon wasn’t on the show so the rest of Team OLL felt we could break the rules. Worryingly this may mean that Simon is the responsible one of Team OLL.

For instance, Simon is responsible for booking our Super-Special Guests and he came up trumps this week with Ben Nicholson from Cape Guy Games. Or should that be Ben Nicholson, who is Cape Guy? We tried our best to work this out, but as usual we got incredibly confused. We’re blaming the incredibly quick studio changeover from Lewis Schaffer’s Nunhead Radio - which we now have to a fine art and shall be teaching our techniques to F1 pit crews across the world.

Anyway, Ben was on the show to talk about his new game Ski Three, which is a match three game crossed with an endless runner. We found out about who the game was aimed at and why that could have caused problems if it wasn’t good enough (luckily it was). Ann gave us all a live skiing lesson and Ste got confused between piracy and friendship.

We also had to commence dealing with our lawyers thanks to a tip-off from Jimmy at Loading Bar. Can any of our listeners in Norwich help us?

Team OLL x


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To paraphrase Adam and The Ants: Don’t bang. Don’t swear. Obey these two rules and you’ll do fine as a Super-Special Guest. And as Darren Wall from Read-Only Memory was on for his fourth appearance there’s no way that he would break those rules. Right?

Darren was promoting Read-Only Memory’s latest book which is about the Bitmap Brothers universe. After a brief history lesson for Ann we started to find out more details about them and tried to determine if the Bitmaps produced the first ever cool games. And how did Woolworths play into their creation? Unfortunately Darren failed to announce the next book that he’s working on, but we give him some great ideas. Mostly involving us.

Away from our SSG we named a bear (using a joke that The Caretaker made about a year and a half ago in a podcast description), Ste had a gym induction, Ann got a great gasp from one of her GOOD NEWS stories and Simon got distracted by the smell of the book. And Sega Badawi failed to get the GOOD NEWS ONLY memo.

Team OLL x


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The first OLL after bonfire night saw Team OLL one member down and slightly deflated after we got bored by fireworks. If only we knew what would happen in America on Tuesday!!!! (SATIRE) Anyway, with Simon away we forgot to do one of Simon’s Important Tasks. Luckily we didn’t forget to book a Super-Special Guest as Tom Cole came on the show to promote Adventure X - The Narrative Gaming Convention.

Tom told us who had been announced as Super-Special Guests at Adventure X and it was an impressive list containing the European-Cup winning John Robertson (we might have got the wrong J Robertson). The band that will be playing at the event sounded a little familiar, but Tom managed to talk us around and there may be logistical issues regarding the fireside chat. And it’s free so what’s stopping you from going?

Ste gave some incredibly useful advice for videogame journalists as well as being unbelievably happy about catching a Porygon. Ann is getting her photograph taken next week, Sega Badawi dropped some Local News and Rob Beer made his final Confession. We nearly missed out on a Proust reference, but Tom helped us make the connection (it turns out it’s an old arcade game that Atari made where you fly around on birds).

Team OLL x


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According to our bizarre way of numbering episodes we believe (excluding Ann Life Lefts, No Continues, GDC Specials, OLL Knights and LITERALLY UNBROADCASTABLE SHOWS) that this is our three hundredth episode. A number so special that we typed it out in words. And how did we celebrate it? The same way we celebrate every episode: By getting Ann to make Kieron Gillen cry uncontrollably through fear.

And what better way to celebrate our special anniversary by getting Flavourworks’ Jack Attridge in as a Super-Special Guest? It was a rhetorical question, but there is no better way. We tried our best to get Jack to announce the game that he’s been working on, but he claimed that he couldn’t do it due to ‘contracts’ and ‘legal agreements’. So instead we found out why the entire Attridge family hates Heavy Rain, why he was filming Ste in the studio and why he keeps making his lovers cry. Jack is also trying to make games less external and more internal, which we think means he’s doing a reimagining of Microcosm from the CD32.

We have some spooky news from Ann, talk about the dangers of social media and hear about the dangers of eye herpes. Sega Badawi provides some more local news with a Sooper-Special Guest and we try to find out where Google stick their doodles.

Happy 300 everyone!

Team OLL x


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