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Sometimes we think we go a bit too obscure with the titles for our GMA-nominated podcasts. This one was inspired by our Super-Special Guest Gary Burchell, who is in the middle of creating the pirate game (but not the pirated game) Abandon Ship. See? It’s quite a clever title really. Gary told us all about Abandon Ship, which has been described as FTL meets Master and Commander and has been used by games journalists as an opportunity to do lots of poor puns. We asked Gary about what it was like to go indie, why he hasn’t put his name in the title and why water ships are better than space ships.

It’s also the week after the GMA awards so we EXCLUSIVELY reveal if we won and who managed to avoid putting their name on The List. We also remembered an incident that we’d really like to blank from our memories.

We also started a new news feature which every other GMA nominated podcast will be copying in the future and saw Rob Beer and Sega Badawi returning with their regular contributions. Ann made a special announcement and one piece of news got a little too close to home for Team OLL.

Team OLL x


1. This is embr - Affection
2. Toasterpastries - Mathluv

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