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As is standard with the second episode after a break One Life Left is an Ann down. But if you're the HR director what is the correct process for sick leave? How long do you talk about it on air? And how do you cover radio's best videogame news reader? The answer to that last question is how Ann feels: poorly.

Our Super-Special Guest were actually Guests as we welcomed James Parker and Tony Gowland into the studio. After we anointed them as The Last Shadow Puppets of Videogames we spoke to them about Binaries, which is coming out on consoles after being a big hit on the PC. We asked them how Binaries has changed on its transition to the consoles, the problems with setting a difficulty level and also how Lemmings 2: The Tribes helped shape the new version.

After a break Sega Badawi returned with the latest local news and we have (sit down for this) a new feature. Rob provided us with his confessions of a part time gamer, hopefully our lack of replying to his email last week won't stop him from sending more features in. We tried to clarify if Guy Cocker is on The List, spoke about prizes that we had won and prepared ourselves for GMA disappointment (at a whole new level of GMA disappointment).

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1. Toaster Pastries - Jeb Don't Mind

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