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We regret to inform you that we haven’t found a use for the coin sound effect in this week’s episode. This is due to a surprisingly high level of competence from ourselves, which will never last. Iceland will be the main beneficiaries of our incompetence this week as Ann and Ste are going over to the Slush Play conference to do a Sigur Ros and Pollaponk based Marioke and to eat their body weight in Pipp chocolates. Ann is also going to be playing detective over there, hopefully she’s got a good jumper sorted out for it.

Martho Ghariani from Oasis Games was this week’s Super-Special Guest. He’d just flown in from New York and boy were his arms tired! Oasis Games is a Beijing based publisher who is bringing five Playstation VR games from China over to the west over the next few months. We heard about the developing console market in China and tried to learn even more about how VR will change the videogame industry. Perhaps with all our knowledge we’ll become the first-ever VR podcast? (Actually this is A Good Idea – Ed)

Mostly this week has been all about the hard cuts, and about us all hanging out with everyone else. Maybe they were Telegraph journalists. Rob Beer provided more Confessions of a Part-Time Gamer and Sega Badawi had some Local News. Our studio saw some action as we went through our bins, which risked annoying Digitiser 2000’s Mr. T and Simon spoke about cupping. Actually, we should have used the coin sound effect there.

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We suppose we should start with the major news this week. Resonance FM now has beer mats. It is this promotional machine that has got us another GMA nomination in the category that keeps changing its name and has currently decided that it is Best Radio/Podcast Team. As we call ourselves Team OLL we're quietly confident that a team full of lads will win it again.

Actually, that wasn't the big news was it? The big news is that Ann is back. The annual winner of the GMA for best newsreader (well she would be if they held it) is off her sickbed and back into the studio. Although she might still be a little ill as halfway through the show she identified as a millenial.

Our Super-Special Guest this week was Lupine, who is often a presence at our Marioke events. He didn't have any games or items to promote so we just spoke about Marioke and tried to get him to confess to any nefarious activities. So a standard show really.

This week's returning features were Rob Beer's Confessions of a Part-Time Gamer and Sega Badawi's Local News. And we tried to get cast in Mass Effect: Andromeda, without actually checking if we signed a Non-Compete Clause in our contract for Behold The Kickmen. We may need to speak to our lawyers again.

Oh, we also asked for physical post without giving you our address. So let's put it here:
Team OLL
Resonance FM
144 Borough High Street
London SE1 1LB

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As is standard with the second episode after a break One Life Left is an Ann down. But if you're the HR director what is the correct process for sick leave? How long do you talk about it on air? And how do you cover radio's best videogame news reader? The answer to that last question is how Ann feels: poorly.

Our Super-Special Guest were actually Guests as we welcomed James Parker and Tony Gowland into the studio. After we anointed them as The Last Shadow Puppets of Videogames we spoke to them about Binaries, which is coming out on consoles after being a big hit on the PC. We asked them how Binaries has changed on its transition to the consoles, the problems with setting a difficulty level and also how Lemmings 2: The Tribes helped shape the new version.

After a break Sega Badawi returned with the latest local news and we have (sit down for this) a new feature. Rob provided us with his confessions of a part time gamer, hopefully our lack of replying to his email last week won't stop him from sending more features in. We tried to clarify if Guy Cocker is on The List, spoke about prizes that we had won and prepared ourselves for GMA disappointment (at a whole new level of GMA disappointment).

Team OLL x


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Summer break is over, but One Life Left is back, Back, BACK! And it's been a long hot summer, being a three-button Monday. So what did we do over the holiday? Simon walked past Hugh Dennis, Ann had too much coffee and Ste did something that may get mentioned during the show. We also guested on other podcasts in an attempt to become videogames answer to Sean Paul/Ludacris. Except in most cases we were too hot for release, we blame the three undone buttons.

And in a break from our break-returning tradition we had a Super-Special Guest this week. In fact we had a real Scanters' Choice between comedy's Robin Ince and Failbetter Games' Hannah Flynn. The criteria we had for this week's SSG was how long they would be prepared to talk about Fallen London coming out on Android and about the forthcoming release of Zubmariner - the expansion to the amazing Sunless Sea. Oh, and their name had to fit the title for the episode that we had already chosen. We should get Robin on later in the series though.

We also spoke to Hannah about how annoying the internet can be at times. Come on internet, buck your ideas up. There was clarification on Keith Stuart's dedications, doubts about a few of our letter writers and full UNEDITED chat about Ste's RPOO (possibly spelt incorrectly).

So that's One Life Left. Recorded on a Monday, podcasted on a Wednesday. It's not like anything major like Mario being announced for the iphone would happen by then. Right?

Team OLL x


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