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Sorry for the lack of a show last week, but it was in order to get you fully prepared for our summer break. Yep, we're off for all of August and will return to air on the 5th of September. So this means that we wanted to tie off our loose ends like Clive Anderson* before we go off to America / watch cricket / look for Pokemon / all three. Now if you recall, one thread that has been through all this season of OLL was David McCarthy's forthcoming soft/hard launch of BFB Champions Global Kick Off. And for this thread to be fully tied off we got David back in the studio to tell us about how it is going to be what experts (us) call "The Pokemon Go of football games". Well, Cybird are soft launching it in different countries like what Pokemon Go did so we feel safe enough to make that comparison.

Tomorrow (as in Wednesday 28/07) we're doing a special Pokeoke at the Loading Bar, which is a Marioke but only about Pokemon. It's going to be a one-off special so bring your pikachu jumpers, your best singing voice and a friend or (mew)two.

We also did a bit of Microsoft Role Play, made an announcement of behalf of Lewis Schaffer and found out that Captain Tsubasa is the Japanese version of Olive et Tom. And John Life Left made a return to the airwaves along with some Local News courtesy of Sega Badawi.

Cheerio and enjoy Summer!
Team OLL x

* By which we mean that we will tie off our loose ends like how Clive Anderson does it, not that Clive Anderson is a loose end.


Track list:
1. Ballacr75 - Domenica
2. Comb Over Cat - Ping Pong Tick Tock (What it Sounds Like When an Indie Game Gets Shoved in Your Ears)
3. Clip Head - Oktobaby
4. Baeka - Summer's Over

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With Simon having booked the day off to do something special Team OLL was at a loss at how to replace him. Luckily Doncaster’s premier top-light entertainer and former market stall holder Derek Williams was passing by so he was willing to offer his help at no extra cost. Well, apart from the constant promotional considerations for his various side-projects that Derek took the opportunity to advertise at every gap in proceedings. But we highly recommend all of Derek’s side projects, as well as his above, below, front and back projects.

Another project that we highly recommend is Dreadbit Games’s Seraph and – no! But yes! – we had the creator of the game Daniel Leaver on the show to promote it. Seraph is a skill based acrobatic shooter inspired by a film starring Christian Bale, but not that one where he shouted at the film crew (that inspired how we treat people on The List when we’re at GameCity). Daniel showed us what the sound effect for slowing down is and also explained what he does at Dreadbit (2% director, with the rest (which we believe to be 68%) doing anything else to help with the game).

We also EXCLUSIVELY reveal who we think will be the new cover star of FIFA 17, curate for the pope (although he’s kind of a curate himself) and hear some local news from Sega Badawi (who is finding it difficult to find non-political stories to satirise). Oh and we play some live Pokemon Go, which we suspect is something you’ll be hearing for the next few months. Hey, it makes a change from VR doesn’t it?

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Volt 44 - Axe Grinder
2. Nanode - Runner
3. Jakim - A Man in Trouble

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It’s not often that Team OLL get to name an episode of the show after an obscure phrase in Amiga Power and – to be honest – we’d have rather not had the opportunity this week. Trust us, once you realise what this episode title refers to, you’ll never look at Ste the same way again. And it’s a shame as up to that point we were all getting on terribly well. Except for the incident before the show when Ste bumped into Simon coming out of a hotel. Apparently Simon was booking our Super-Special Guest into a room. This is the kind of treatment you can expect if you come onto our show and are not a tank.

And our Super-Special Guest this week came all the way from Lithuania so the hotel was needed. It was Tomas Sakalauskas from No Brakes Games, who came in to not share a hotel room but to talk about his new game Human Fall Flat. In the game you just control your hands (unlike Joe Hart) and use them to move around the level. It’s been a hit on the mythical website called YouTube (that we still don’t understand) so asked Tomas for any tips on how to make your game interesting on YouTube. Annoyingly going around wasn’t given as a good piece of advice as we're really good at that.

John Life Left made a welcome return to the airwaves and Sega Badawi gave us some local news that didn’t have a bit at the end that was added after the show was broadcast so that it didn’t look out of date. Absolutely no chance that happened. We also heard about Ann and Simon going off to smash capitalism, provisionally announced Marioke events for Sweden and Iceland and found out that Simon is going to be away for the next few weeks. Presumably he’s sharing hotel rooms with various game developers, either that or he’s giving Ste’s photo to the tank museum in Bovington, Dorset so that they're pre-warned.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Volt 44 - Forget it This Sucks I Quit
2. Klamm - Count Zero
3. Naeroon - Wow!! Nice Job!!!-nice-job!-[my-first-lsdj]

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