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The gang is finally back together. Although Ste was still shaken after the grilling he got from Chef Scanters in last week's episode. Luckily Simon was back to interview this week's Super-Special Guest - David McCarthy from Cybird and Japan via France. He could finally reveal the game that he refused to tell us about last season, but perhaps we shouldn't discuss it in this episode intro out of spite. Nah, that doesn't sound like us does it? It's BFB Champions Global Kick-Off (all the cool kids call it BGBCGKO), which is a football management game for smart phones. We find out what early noughties football game BFBCGKO is most like, when it is coming out, whether it is in a hard or soft launch form and also what BFB stands for. Other than a great quality football game at a decent price.

Still related to football we all try to become voicemen in Dan Marshall's Behold The Kickmen. That is, if the Caretaker hasn't deleted our attempts out of the podcast out of spite. Nah, that doesn't sound like him does it? We also spoke a little about E3, but this episode was recorded on Monday so a lot of the news we found out is already out of date. Which is always the case, but feels even more keener during E3.

We try to discover who knows what 4K is, if Ann has her cockney rhyming slang correct and what John Carpenter is like as a festival act. There's also Sega Badawi along with confirmation of this month's Marioke and another Marioke at Brighton in July. Be there. If you can make it, we guess.

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1. automatonsubsys - Guilty Heart
2. Impulses - Pressure
3. Panda BURRR - v3.33x2
4. Veenomn - Oreo Cream

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