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We're back from a mid-week trip to Nordic Game and managed to get Scanters successfully through customs, although she did come back with something that she got from a boat trip (congrats Ann - congrannts). Because it was so hot on Monday (unlike now) we had the window open, which means this week's show is naturalistic/noisy depending on your perspective/quality of headphones. There was also a dog in the studio before we went on air, which has now raised all kinds of questions that we need to ask of the people at Renaissance.

This week's Super-Special Guest is - dilly ding dilly dong - Becky Jowsey from Gamehub. And also from Leicester, which hopefully means that the dilly ding dilly dong reference now makes sense. Becky's taken on the incredibly easy task to explain videogames to parents who know nothing about them. This has involved playing lots of games for very long periods of time, with over 150 data points needing to be investigated for each game. The times when you just needed to know graphics, sound, playability and lastability are a long time ago. Becky also tells us why she thinks some parents choose to ignore the age rating system that's already in place.

Sega Badawi dropped some local news and an old contributor made a welcome return. In addition, we all got new chairs except for Simon, which was probably because we all knew he'd get Amiga Power's score for International Rugby Challenge incorrect (it's two percent AS ANY FULE KNO). Oh and you got to find out our superhero origin stories.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Jredd (feat. Dya and Groovemaster 303) - Light Years Beyond
2. Klamm - Emancipator

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