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Hey everyone, we're back, Back, BACK. And you know that the show is going to be a great one when before it even starts two thirds of Team OLL gets kissed by Nunhead's own Lewis Schaffer. Although it doesn't help that we forget what number season we're on. But you know this as you can see it in the episode description. If you can't be bothered to scroll up, we've finally hit our teens.

While we were away Ste watched cricket, Ann became a Twitch superstar and Simon went to PAX. No surprises there then. What was a bit shocking (after all the talk at GDC) was that Ste is into VR - how could he turn on us like that? Wait, he's using it to make a cricket game? Ah, all is right with the world.

The Super-Special Guest this week is Simon Haynes, who is making Super Arcade Football. It's already in Steam Early Access and is an attempt to bring videogame football back to its fun arcade roots. We try to find how he has altered the rules of football to make it more fun as a videogame, what's it like to be a friendly rival to the runner Dan Marshall's Behold The Kickmen and can Simon think of a great metaphor for feedback?

As well as that, you provided and presided us with some excellent letters, Sega Badawi gave us some more Local News and everyone got invited to Ann's birthday party. Assuming you're ok with it being a Marioke event as well.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. NoyemiK - Still Sleepy
2. Brink - Total Bae
3. Impulses - Sodium Rising

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