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A long time ago Ste and Simon were in a crew with David McCarthy, who is this week's Super-Special Guest. They did fun things together like inventing video blogging, but it all got ruined when David got married. Because Ste and SImon alienated everyone there with a really bad best man speech. It was awful, imagine our comedy night in Nottingham but with even less jokes. Sorry, fewer.

Anyway, David is back he's working for Cybird in Japan and he might be prepared to tell us something about the new game that they're working on. At the very least he'll be able to help us work out our system for measuring how much a half wit is worth. David also attended Pocket Gamer Connect on the morning of our show, which is where our fifth joke #networking was invented so we have a mini-celebration in its honour.

We also confirmed how much a micro transaction is worth, Ann didn't have a driving lesson and Ste was genuinely shocked by a bit of Ann's news. Listen out for the gasp of disbelief! Sega Badawi provides some more local news and we advertise Marioke in Zurich with about six days notice. We might even see if Sepp Blatter wants to come to it. He's not up to much at the moment.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. BitKnight - Tanoshii
2. Death from a Billy - Black Nails
3. 81ttr45hr10t - Children Shall Lead
4. Just Been Warpzoned - Y I'm Sid

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