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One Life Left has started 2016 as it finished 2015. Well, Simon did as he's still playing Star Wars Battlefront. Ste stopped reading his emails over the break and Ann was at a wedding. And we had Christmas, obviously which was a strong seven out of ten this year. We thought that OLL Warm-Up act and excellent comedian Lewis Schaffer had bought us a present for our first show back and were really touched, but it turned out he'd just left a bag in the studio. Maybe he'll get us something for Valentine's Day?

Mike Bithell took the opportunity to be our first Super-Special guest of the year so he could tell us about the Vita release of Volume, which should be out by now. He was also given the chance to let us know which of five ideas he'll be working on as his main project for 2016, but he saw through our attempts with a straight bat. We did manage to speak about Bithmas which just keeps getting earlier and earlier in the year, and Mike's possible holiday to Disneyland in February.

Ste told us about how he's finally got bored with killing people, Simon explained how he got lessons on morality and humour from his son and Ann might be creating a game this year. Sega Badawi made a return and we had a new feature with John Life Left.

We're back at the Dalston Loading bar this month with another Marioke event and at some point this year we will be ten so we'll definitely be holding a special event for that.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Impulses - Hrtbrk
2. Klamm - Atmosphere.
3. C-Lee-O - Rrrrrunnnn and Guuunn!!--[2a03-vgm]

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