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Normally the last episode of the year is one where you reflect on the year and how it went. We tried to do this at the beginning before Ann's news, but then decided that our mix of great chiptunes, amazing guests and poor jokes were how we brought in 2015 so they'd be the best way to see it out. And we did it in style - Ste was back from Copenhagen, Simon brought in a board game and Ann wore a special Christmas outfit.

Our Super-Special Guest this week was Sean Wenham- the creator of The End of The World. We always thought that would be Parkinson. Anyway, Sean's game was inspired by a break up that he had three years ago so we asked him if it's good to wallow in misery, how the search function on the Android store works and what his wife thinks of the game.

Sega Badawi had some local news, along with a clip that sounded slightly familiar, Simon apologised for something that isn't actually on this episode and we announced that Kieron Gillen will be djing at our Christmas Party. YOU MUST BUY A TICKET NOW.

Cheerio and Merry Christmas!
Team OLL x


Track list:
1. TLG chiptunes - Yeah Maybe I Guess
2. x Critical Strike x - Jingle Bells!!-merry-xmas!
3. amburgerzorro - 3 Years

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