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Ste was in Copenhagen this week. Luckily, unlike that time Ann was away we didn't have to remember to get anyone in to do the news. Unfortunately we had to rely on Simon manning the desk and Ann not telling him to press the 'dump' button which meant around seven seconds of the episode was lost. And - most annoying of all - it meant we missed out on hearing this week's Super-Special Guest Tom Cole, research student at Goldsmiths and member of The Intelligent Games Games Intelligence Programme. We did only press it the once so we were able to find out how we can broaden and deepen (but not lengthen) emotional engagement in videogames, which games best do this, which games best do this that Simon isn't annoyed by and we also heard about the Adventure X festival that Tom is running this weekend (assuming you read this as soon as the podcast is uploaded).
And with Ste being away it meant that we had a gap in the market for a young up-and-comer to guest host, but unfortunately we gave it to Keith Stuart from the old media. Keith told us why he isn't fit to judge the best videogame of 2015 and he also did a pun and started to move in on Ann's territory. Obviously Ann wouldn't let this lie so raised a valid point about Keith 'be'ing Santa at our Christmas party (which you should all buy tickets for).
Next week is our last show of the year, so we're all bringing in board games it's a mufti day. Which in our case means we have to put tops on :(
Team OLL x
Track list:
1. Bitpusher2600 - Fish Fingers and Custard
2. marcb0t - Tarzan Boy (SMS version)
3. iDecade - Drone
4. Hide Your Tigers - Dr Danger
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