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As ever, we start the show as we mean to go on. With the highest level of professionalism, and by swivelling. Although some members of the team might not be giving the usual percentage of effort that our listeners demand. See if you can work out who it is!

The Super-Special Guest for this week is Stefano Petrullo from Renaissance PR, who are not to be confused with Resonance FM. Stefano told us all about how Simon caused Stefano to split with his then-girlfriend, how doing PR for indies is different to the major publishers and general tales about being in the PR world.

We spoke a little about our Marioke event in Nottingham GameCity this Friday, Ste promoted his live Checkpoints recording this Thursday and Kieron Gillen let us down (again). Sega Badawi provided us with some local news but more importantly we talked about sausages in games. Oh and we decided which of the journalistic Sons was better: Ellison or Parkinson.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Daandruff - Roadblock
2. Power Supply - Super Flying Ice Cream Truck 2: Even Truckier[lsdj]-super-flying-ice-cream-truck-2-even-truckier
3. Kevin McCloud - Rhinoceros
4. Cheapshot - Giddy

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