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One thing we've learnt from TV Talent Shows is that the journey is important. And this week's guest, Kerry Turner, had a very special journey to get here. By which we mean that she nearly ended up at Portsmouth. Luckily she made the right connection and we got to talk to her about Make Play Code and how teaching women how to code is a lot like The Ring or like making a skirt. It sounded so good that Ste and Simon had to come up with some cunning plans.

We had GameUnder and Sega Badawi providing some features with a new Super-Special Guest Reviewer making his debut. Not only that but we turned Pip into a tv star, started our own awards ceremony and decided on how big Ann wanted her blanket.

And we didn't really mention the GMAs. They just don't deserve being in our house. But they know what they can do to improve things for next year.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Gepsjors - Nessy
2. Klamm - Heroquest

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