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There's no Simon this week as he was in Hawaii preparing to drink illicitly in airports. And because of that we sort-of forgot that we needed to book a Super-Special Guest. Luckily, our favourite Rising Star Philippa Warr took time out of her busy schedule watching DoubleFist win the esports World Cup to come and help us out (we might have got some of the World Cup info wrong).

Somehow a reference to Kanye West lead to a really sophisticated discussion about pricing in games. Which makes us wonder about where next week's D-12 Discussion Point will lead to, or perhaps talking about Nelly's plaster will give us a new insight about healing in games.

We also discussed all of our chances in the forthcoming Games Media Awards, received some actual post (some wanted, some unwanted), heard some Local News and Ste told us about how he did a curler. Fun times.

And our GameCity Marioke event has been announced, see below for the link but if you're lazy it'll be on Friday 30th October at Spanky Van Dykes.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Dire Hit - DX7 Test
2. Protoflight - Ignite

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