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Normally the last episode of the year is one where you reflect on the year and how it went. We tried to do this at the beginning before Ann's news, but then decided that our mix of great chiptunes, amazing guests and poor jokes were how we brought in 2015 so they'd be the best way to see it out. And we did it in style - Ste was back from Copenhagen, Simon brought in a board game and Ann wore a special Christmas outfit.

Our Super-Special Guest this week was Sean Wenham- the creator of The End of The World. We always thought that would be Parkinson. Anyway, Sean's game was inspired by a break up that he had three years ago so we asked him if it's good to wallow in misery, how the search function on the Android store works and what his wife thinks of the game.

Sega Badawi had some local news, along with a clip that sounded slightly familiar, Simon apologised for something that isn't actually on this episode and we announced that Kieron Gillen will be djing at our Christmas Party. YOU MUST BUY A TICKET NOW.

Cheerio and Merry Christmas!
Team OLL x


Track list:
1. TLG chiptunes - Yeah Maybe I Guess
2. x Critical Strike x - Jingle Bells!!-merry-xmas!
3. amburgerzorro - 3 Years

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Ste was in Copenhagen this week. Luckily, unlike that time Ann was away we didn't have to remember to get anyone in to do the news. Unfortunately we had to rely on Simon manning the desk and Ann not telling him to press the 'dump' button which meant around seven seconds of the episode was lost. And - most annoying of all - it meant we missed out on hearing this week's Super-Special Guest Tom Cole, research student at Goldsmiths and member of The Intelligent Games Games Intelligence Programme. We did only press it the once so we were able to find out how we can broaden and deepen (but not lengthen) emotional engagement in videogames, which games best do this, which games best do this that Simon isn't annoyed by and we also heard about the Adventure X festival that Tom is running this weekend (assuming you read this as soon as the podcast is uploaded).
And with Ste being away it meant that we had a gap in the market for a young up-and-comer to guest host, but unfortunately we gave it to Keith Stuart from the old media. Keith told us why he isn't fit to judge the best videogame of 2015 and he also did a pun and started to move in on Ann's territory. Obviously Ann wouldn't let this lie so raised a valid point about Keith 'be'ing Santa at our Christmas party (which you should all buy tickets for).
Next week is our last show of the year, so we're all bringing in board games it's a mufti day. Which in our case means we have to put tops on :(
Team OLL x
Track list:
1. Bitpusher2600 - Fish Fingers and Custard
2. marcb0t - Tarzan Boy (SMS version)
3. iDecade - Drone
4. Hide Your Tigers - Dr Danger
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This week's show was a little bit weird. Firstly, this week's Super-Special Guest Jon Hare said that we were part of the videogame industry. Obviously he hadn't read the results of this year's GMAs. Secondly, Jon provided us with an actual EXCLUSIVE!!! first play of the remix/demo version of Goal Scoring Superstar Hero to put on the show. We thought the only EXCLUSIVES!!! we could reveal were the colour of the game. And in case you're wondering, the main colour of Jon's new game Sociable Soccer is green, unless it's snowing in which case it's white.

We spoke to Jon about the development of Sociable Soccer, how Simon isn't the World Champion of it, but did manage to score the second ever headed goal and tried to work out the secret bit of coding to make our own version of Sociable Soccer. Ann was at a hen do in Copenhagen over the weekend, Simon and Ste were at a Chvrches gig whilst Sega Badawi just stayed in the news room to catch up on the latest events. We also heard from the mayor of Royal Leamington Spa (and possibly Ozzy Osbourne's nephew).

And the tickets for our Christmas party have finally been made available for sale. Please come. It will almost certainly be as great as last year's one.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. atomsmasha - Kavinsky 1986[chiptune-8-bit]
2. Ice wolf - Distorted Relaxation
3. Sociable Soccer - Goal Scoring Superstar Hero (demo)
4. d0us - simkit

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Ann is back from being Big In Japannnnn because she drank all of their alcohol. This meant that we've had the full team back in the studio for the first time in ages. It also meant that Ste didn't have to worry about trying to figure out who would do the news. Although he didn't really have much time to worry about it last week if we think about it.

Our Super-Special Guest this week was our third most famous guest ever. This obviously means that he has as little to do with videogames as possible, and is not Simon Parkinson or K-Stew (they're still fighting it out down at the bottom). Oh, we'd probably say who he actually is at this point. It's Iain Morris, co-creator of The Inbetweeners. We found out how videogames helped inspire The Inbetweeners, if mentioning Pro Evo Soccer on a TV show gets you any freebies and what it's like to break Ricky Gervais' back (presumably it made him humble).

Ann told us that she was learning to drive, Ste scared all his cats away on Neko Atsume, Simon learnt that his son had some strange choice of phrases and Sega Badawi somehow managed to do some local news. Oh, and our Christmas party was announced for Friday 18/12, look for the details on Facebook (link in our, er, links section below). We'll tell you where to get tickets as soon as we can be bothered to set it up.

Team OLL x


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1. Klamm - Phoenix
2. Justbeenwarpzoned - Veni Vidi Vici

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Due to Ann being in Japan, Ste being in India and Simon drinking in the afternoon there was no show last week. Luckily Ste and Simon managed to make it into the studio this week in order to provide you with some gaming related entertainment. However, would we remember to inform you as well as entertain through our acclaimed news section? Errm, sort of.

We did remember to book a Super-Special Guest and this week's SSG was Gareth Williams from Premier PR. It was probably for the best that Ann was off this week as last time Gareth was on the show he deeply offended her and the show was literally unbroadcastable. We spoke to Gareth about what it was like to be the proto Guy Cocker on CNN, how PR is different to journalism and who has the best idea for a video game?

Sega Badawi remembered to do some local news and we had a new feature from one of MCV's 30 under 30. And we sort-of announced our Christmas Party without actually confirming the date or where it would be held. But we're sure details like that won't hold you back.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Virtual Hawaii - Fountains
2. Quavosh - Pixel Jumper Tropical Theme
3. MilLs Dj- There's No End

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Last week we had a Marioke event at GameCity. It involved lots of drinking and singing. Nothing unusual there. But we've not seen Ann since, and some sources are saying that she ended up in Japan. Is she going to be the new Kojima?

As Ann was missing, we needed to make sure that her replacement was completely ethical and - most importantly - a man. So we got GameUnder, renegade gamer and former president of Electronic Arts to come in and do the news. We also got Henry Hoffman from Fiddlesticks and the most stylish man in games in as a Super-Special Guest. He told us his origin story, his new game Hue, his experimental VR game Aboard The Looking Glass and made an EXCLUSIVE! announcement that he probably shouldn't have made and we shouldn't be mentioning in CAPITAL LETTERS. Sorry.

We're also sorry that there won't be a show next week, it's all Ste's fault for going to India. Oh, and we're sorry for the spoilers that GameUnder might do during his news. While we're at it, sorry for mentioning TFI Friday during the show. We won't apologise for Sega Badawi, although some of his puns this week do get a little close to the edge.

Team OLL x


1. MotionRide - 99 Lives Left
2. Lamer Pinky - Way To Unity
3. Klamm - Icebreaker

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As ever, we start the show as we mean to go on. With the highest level of professionalism, and by swivelling. Although some members of the team might not be giving the usual percentage of effort that our listeners demand. See if you can work out who it is!

The Super-Special Guest for this week is Stefano Petrullo from Renaissance PR, who are not to be confused with Resonance FM. Stefano told us all about how Simon caused Stefano to split with his then-girlfriend, how doing PR for indies is different to the major publishers and general tales about being in the PR world.

We spoke a little about our Marioke event in Nottingham GameCity this Friday, Ste promoted his live Checkpoints recording this Thursday and Kieron Gillen let us down (again). Sega Badawi provided us with some local news but more importantly we talked about sausages in games. Oh and we decided which of the journalistic Sons was better: Ellison or Parkinson.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Daandruff - Roadblock
2. Power Supply - Super Flying Ice Cream Truck 2: Even Truckier[lsdj]-super-flying-ice-cream-truck-2-even-truckier
3. Kevin McCloud - Rhinoceros
4. Cheapshot - Giddy

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One thing we've learnt from TV Talent Shows is that the journey is important. And this week's guest, Kerry Turner, had a very special journey to get here. By which we mean that she nearly ended up at Portsmouth. Luckily she made the right connection and we got to talk to her about Make Play Code and how teaching women how to code is a lot like The Ring or like making a skirt. It sounded so good that Ste and Simon had to come up with some cunning plans.

We had GameUnder and Sega Badawi providing some features with a new Super-Special Guest Reviewer making his debut. Not only that but we turned Pip into a tv star, started our own awards ceremony and decided on how big Ann wanted her blanket.

And we didn't really mention the GMAs. They just don't deserve being in our house. But they know what they can do to improve things for next year.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Gepsjors - Nessy
2. Klamm - Heroquest

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There's no Simon this week as he was in Hawaii preparing to drink illicitly in airports. And because of that we sort-of forgot that we needed to book a Super-Special Guest. Luckily, our favourite Rising Star Philippa Warr took time out of her busy schedule watching DoubleFist win the esports World Cup to come and help us out (we might have got some of the World Cup info wrong).

Somehow a reference to Kanye West lead to a really sophisticated discussion about pricing in games. Which makes us wonder about where next week's D-12 Discussion Point will lead to, or perhaps talking about Nelly's plaster will give us a new insight about healing in games.

We also discussed all of our chances in the forthcoming Games Media Awards, received some actual post (some wanted, some unwanted), heard some Local News and Ste told us about how he did a curler. Fun times.

And our GameCity Marioke event has been announced, see below for the link but if you're lazy it'll be on Friday 30th October at Spanky Van Dykes.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Dire Hit - DX7 Test
2. Protoflight - Ignite

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For the first time this season we finally had all three presenters hosting. In order to commemorate this we all hosted the show standing up. This means that you need to be standing up to listen to this show in order to show us the respect we deserve. As we know that this will cause you some discomfort, we have decided to have a break from doing the show next week. We are nothing if not protective of our listeners.

This week's Super-Special Guest is James Parker from Ground Shatter. He told us all about his two (count 'em - two!) new games, Skyscrappers and Black and White Bushido. He told us why local multiplayer games deserve a comeback, which is just as well as that's what Skyscrappers is. Luckily Ann decided not to torpedo any of his ideas like she did with VR so both of the games should be coming out soon.

GameUnder continued his sterling work for the videogaming public and Sega Badawi informed us of a local news story. We also found out that Ste has a dodgy back, Ann has dyed her hair and Simon told us of his son's adventures in swearing. Not only that but Ann came up with the best analogy for Rocket League and James raised the bar for all SSGs to follow by giving us one of the best presents ever!

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Atari Tufty - P.F.M.
2. Theme from Skyscrappers
3. Jerkemy - With The Square of The Distance

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Fresh from last week's debate regarding the future of virtual reality systems, we substituted an ill Scanters for a fit Ste in order to continue the conversation. We also got Brynley Gibson in as a Super-Special Guest to pass on his knowledge from working on the Playstation VR. As one of the leading lights in Sony's London Studio he had lots to tell us, apart from anything that we could claim as an EXCLUSIVE.

With Ann off ill, and million dollar journalist/substitute newsreader Cara Ellison being busy in Scotland we had to rely on Ste for our news. Listen in to find out if he has learnt anything from eleven seasons of listening to Ann.

GameUnder continues his sterling undercover work at EA and Sega Badawi gives us the latest local news. We also find out how to induce motion sickness in people, discuss the Elite Dangerous purchase flow chart and work out if today's kids like Back To The Future.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. PSS270 - Plastic Humans
2. Chunter - We take the Future
3. Jerkemy - Substrate Independence
4. Justbeenwarpzoned - The Bastille of the Socially Awkward Teenager

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It's a problem having the same person coming into the studio. Sometimes you just run out of things to say to them. Luckily Ste was away this week so we had Mike Bithell in as a Super-Special Guest! Unfortunately he didn't tell us anything about his new game so The Caretaker had to use one of Mike's old games for the episode title again. And as we all know, The Caretaker is incredibly lazy.

Luckily, Mike Bithell is not incredibly lazy and was in to discuss how well Volume went down with everyone (and Metacritic). He was also meant to discuss his new game, but he didn't get the memo. Mostly because The Caretaker forgot to send it out. As he didn't get the other memo regarding the sending of memos.

Ann is one console down as she sold her Wii when she had a headache, rather than putting it in a bag at the bottom of the canal. Simon went to the Not Twin Peaks diner experience, nearly got run over by a Taxi in Croydon and started a bromance with Mike, who told us how he is spending his fortune. Ann also torpedoed everyone's dreams about virtual reality and Sega Badawi returned with his Local News.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Ubaldur - September
2. Candy Hippy Candy Hippy - Robot Dance Party
Appears to have been deleted - of you can find it let us know!

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Sometimes, if you've been really good and wish hard enough then your dreams will come true. This is one of those days. One Life Left is back for its twelfth season on the airwaves!

And everyone in the world must have been really, really good as it's time for another Ann Life Left. For those of you who haven't listened to Ann Life Left before what happens is Ann gets a load of people into the studio to talk about how games have had an effect on their lives and how amazing games are. It is consistently highly rated by our focus groups that the caretaker runs on our behalf to help improve our branding.

Helping Ann out is SSGP (Super-Special Guest Presenter) Philippa Warr from Rock Paper Shotgun who didn't talk about or play League of Legends for a whole hour so that must surely be reason enough to listen?

Team OLL x


1. Chibitech - Love is Insecurable (Dr Bouche remix)
2. Chipzel - Super Hexagon
3. Bus Blanchie - Bright Stars
4. ForABrokenEarth - Toriningen[2015-mix]
5. Klamm - Wildfire

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For the final time this season all of Team OLL was in the studio before we broke for our summer holidays. This meant we didn't have to wear our uniforms and we could even bring in board games to play. Ann nearly didn't make the show on time as she was waiting upstairs and wondering why she was hot. Ste was back from Finland with tales of gin and grapefruit, Placebo and Finland's answer to Justin Bieber. Simon was still developing his next game after Bang Man! took the gaming world by storm.

And thanks to our Super-Special Guest Ian Hamilton, Simon will be thinking of accessibility for gamers with disabilities. Ian was on to discuss the issues in improving accessibility and it seems that the little things matter a lot to most gamers. Annoyingly there's no actual legal enforcement to make games more accessible so most of the appetite to improve things is coming from the smaller companies. But we did find out which was the first AAA game with a dedicated blind accessibility option.

Ann had a very important Ann-nouncement, we talked tactics for the upcoming GMAs and Marioke makes more steps into invading Germany (which annoys the Caretaker as he prefers Monchengladbach to Koln). GameUnder continues to work undercover and Sega Badawi has some more local news. And even though we're on holiday you can still contact us via the usual methods and even finish making our game for us.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Laffe The Fox feat. Robot Orgy Massacre - The Amazing Adventures of Mr. Unadventurous
2. Motionride - Loading[lsdj-chiptune]
3. PleaseLoseBattle - Hangover Apocalypse

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With Ste in Finland listening to Placebo and performing Marioke it meant that Simon and Ann were in the studio by themselves. Well, apart from the Super-Special Guests. And we got some amazing Super-Special Guests with Alex and Sean from Castle Magazine and Eddie Lee from Funktronic Labs coming into the studio.

Alex and Sean were in to talk about Castle Magazine, which is due to launch in the first quarter of next year, providing that their crowdsourcing is successful and that they agree on how to correctly pronounce Castle. We had a look at their promotional postcards and queried their DPIs, before Ann got worried about what DPI stood for.

Our other Super-Special Guest Eddie was a major test of where Simon's loyalties lie. You see Eddie's new game - Nova 111 - is being published by Curve digital, which is where Simon's second less-important job is. Would Simon give Eddie the usual OLL interview treatment or would he not even ask what colour his game was? We did find out that it's a turn-based real-time action game and it's already picked up a few awards so it does sound like it'll be pretty good.

From our contributors we had Doctor Avatar making a return to the hospital wards and Sega Badawi providing some local news. We also found out that Simon is making a new game under the advice of Tom Francis, how Chinese holiday tours really make their money and that we shouldn't make Ritchie and Josh the talent handlers angry as they nearly destroyed the studio when they were calm.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Bitmap Brothers - Gods Theme
2. Spaszaki - Trance (Casio)
3. Brink - Joe Schmoe in Rio
4. Rob Hubbard - Crazy Comets theme
5. TLG Chiptunes - Mr Brightside

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Unfortunately having to do three episodes in a row took its first victim as Simon took the week off. But he forgot to check this with HR and with his appraisal due this wasn't a good time to be doing this. Luckily our HR is an incredibly efficient department and managed to get a highly qualified Super-Special Guest Host in Tim Hibbs from the Big Red Barrel podcast. We highly recommend his podcast for those rare weeks when we haven't done a show (but if you listen any other time you'll go on The List).

And in addition to our SSGH we also had a SSG! Kristian Andrews from Studio OwlBear came into the, er, studio to tell us about his game Barbara-Ian and to let out a Category C swear word. It's a Rogue-like (depending on the definition) based on a series of videos that Kristian sent to annoy Comedy Central/win a competition that Comedy Central had. We found out how Kristian had the idea to turn it into a video game and tried to come up with names for a sequel. Oh, and it's out on Friday!

GameUnder told us of his latest developments in games under development and Sega Badawi dropped some local news on those assembled. Team OLL decided that a trip to Montreal was in order, Ann had a photo with a Japanese rock band, Ste got incredibly worried about fridges and brainstormed a sequel to Chuckie Egg (that already exists). You might also pick up during this episode that Ste has launched a new Kickstarter, but we hardly mention it.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Buried For a Day - Pathways
2. Motionride - Utterless[edm-amiga-chiptune]
3. Brink - Joe Shmoe in Rio
4. Laffe the Fox - The Sweden Experience

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We're still trying to solve the mystery that is sweeping the gaming world: Where did Marioke disappear to in July? And furthermore: When is it being held in August? Hopefully we'll get a little closer to the truth in this week's episode.

Oh, and we did talk quite a bit about Her Story too, which made sense as this week's Super-Special Guest was its designer Sam Barlow. He came up on the sleeper from Portsmouth to tell us all about the game. Except for the plot. But hopefully you will understand from this episode that Her Story is a different type of game. The type of game that Simon dislikes, so what will he think of Her Story?

Away from Her Story we found out that Simon looked a little different, Ann was beach body ready and Ste met some men on the Internet. Sega Badawi and GameUnder provided us with some features and we got onto the hot, hot topic of fans in consoles.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Klamm - Rise
2. Kuro - Before It Ends
3. MilLs DJ - Reunited
4. Brink - It Is What It Is

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OK, so the one week break turned into a two week break, but you can trust that One Life Left will never let you down again. Except for Marioke in July which we've had to cancel. And we'll be going on our summer holidays before too long.

It's also pretty hot. Now, Team OLL are used to being hot, but this is an altogether different kind of hot. It's the type of hot that makes you have a can of Malibu and pineapple at the cricket and tricks you into thinking that your leggings will dry in time to go out. It's also the kind of hot where you reckon that hot and heat are words that are interchangeable.

This week's show is rather cultured as our Super-Special Guests were Darren Wall from Read Only Memory and Alex Wiltshire from The Streets. They were in to promote ROM's first self-funded book Britsoft: An Oral History, which involved speaking to the major players in the British coding scene such as Jon Hare, Mel Croucher and Peter Moulinex. We also found out how you get Nintendo to give you two million dollars, tried to work out who is this generation's Jeff Minter and Ste thought about Jez San.

GameUnder made a welcome return (along with a new microphone) and Sega Badawi told us about the latest local news (from two weeks ago). And we also promoted a certain special someone's new book about computer games, we really can't recommend it highly enough and we're certain that you'll enjoy their work so much. They really deserve every success with it.

Team OLL x

(Do we have to include this book in the links? Really? Oh alright then)

Track listing:
1. Jakim - Night Air
2. motionride - Un Petit Robot[lsdj-chiptune]
3. Sudstep - No Guts, No Glory
4. UFO - Moon

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When Ste's away, Team OLL will play... chiptune covers of Muse songs. Yes, Ste was scouting out the karaoke bars of Gothenburg looking for talent to attend our Housemarque Marioke Birthday Celebration. This meant that Simon was in charge of the show.

Unfortunately Simon immediately tells us that his shot his only child (with a Nerf gun) which means he probably isn't really responsible enough to run a radio show. Ann did recently become a triple Auntie so hopefully her instincts as an Aunt were enough to keep the show on track.

Replacing Ste was our SSGH (Super-Special Guest Host) Simon 'Parkinson' Parkin. He brought the class and weird umlaut things that you'd expect from someone at the New Yorker. Parkinson also spoke a little about his new book, but we forgot to ask what colour it is. This is why we need Ste.

But it wasn't just Parkinson, we also had Jack Attridge from Flavourworks on as a Super-Special Guest. He told us all about working at 22 Cans, what it was like to half-make Godus and showed Simon his latest game, which Simon then failed to tell us about. Simon even forgot to ask him what colour the game was, so we are thankful to Ann for keeping a hold on things.

Simon started to make space under his stairs for the new Steam Machine and Ann made some big steps into becoming an esports champion. Not only that but Sega Badawi informed us of some local news and we became a discount code for an amazing soundtrack album ( It almost makes you wish Ste could be away every week (that almost is incredibly important if you're reading this Ste).

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Muse - Reapers
2. Thing On A Spring - (Simon's go to chip tune)
3. Cybernoid 2: The Revenge
4. Rambo First Blood Part II loading theme (C64)

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After another bank holiday break, One Life Left is back! Hopefully you all managed to cope without us. We all went to Nordic Game, then Ann and Simon went off to Copenhagen and then Simon went off to Barcelona. Team OLL always sticks together.

This week's Super-Special Guest was Explosive Alan's Ash Denton. As you all know Team OLL has been trying to break into the YouTube/Twitch market for some time and we tried to find out from Ash the secret in monetising these areas. Apparently the secret is to make something that's unique and is actually rather good. So we're screwed then. Ash is also making the break into creating his own video game, it's all down to Mike Bithell. Which means it's all down to us.

We also got pretty worried about our listeners as it took a while for us to get any letters from them, and then we got even more worried about Guy Cocker. Ste told us about his fetish for photos of carrots, Ann got a new tattoo and Simon discovered that Martin Hollis connects everyone from a photographic perspective. And Sega Badawi updated us with the latest Local News.

Team OLL x


1. Hide Your Tigers - Smeltdown
2. We Danced - Tension
3. Motionride - Moo Moo Meadows Theme[mario-kart-wii-edm-chiptune-cover]-originally-by-asuka-ohta

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It's a fairly open secret in the games 'industry' that One Life Left are the only King Makers worth dealing with. Mike Bithell's success is entirely down to us and console makers worldwide have a direct feed to the cupboard under Simon's stairs knowing that if their console ends up in there they can consider it to be finished. So we were pleased to welcome Laughing Jackal's Al Evans back to the studio to see how his game Flame Over has been doing, what new systems it might be moving across to and how we might best upset Rock Paper Shotgun on his behalf (to be honest we just needed the excuse).

Simon was using his programming skills to try to hack Sony in order to get an Anniversary PS4, Ann started to make a game, Ste worried about his new talk and we all got concerned that we had upset GameUnder in some way. We never want to upset GameUnder.

As usual Sega Badawi provided some Local News, but we had the welcome return of Derek Williams. We also spoke about our partners and family members (sorry partners and family members), made preparations for Eurovision, reflected on Martin Hollis and asked: is Super Smash Brothers any good?

All this and we didn't wear any plaid.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Richard H Bright - S101 (HMS Dreadnought)
2. MilLS DJ - Comin' Home

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It's not very often that all of Team OLL gets to meet up outside of the Resonance FM studio, so when we do you know it's going to be memorable. Except that Ste apparently forgot everything that happened at Ann's birthday party over the weekend. Listen to this week's show to hear him slowly piece together the unbelievable chain of events.

Oh, but we do meet together every Third Thursday of the month to do Marioke, and the main enabler of this was this week's SSSG. We had James from the Loading bar in to go through our yearly Marioke appraisal. He also talked about the development of the Loading Bar, his favourite cocktail and made a request for a new Marioke song (that might have already been written between the show going out and this podcast being uploaded).

Sega Badawi was the only contributor this week so we had to rely on Simon telling us how he single handedly got Nintendo back into profit, Ste telling us about how KP will single handedly bring England cricket back to the top and Ann telling us what makes a cake not a cake. The answer to the latter point is when it's a jar, obv.

Team OLL x

1. 0b111 - Hallucinogenix
2. Sparky Rogers - Sound Inferno
3. Klamm - Vortex


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You can always guarantee that One Life Left never misses the chance to have a celebration. Except we forgot that this was our 250th episode, possibly because we've probably done more than 250 episodes due to spin-offs and literally unpodcastable episodes.

However, we did celebrate in a way by having Jon and Joe from Inkle Studios in as our Super-Special Guests! They told us all about what it's like not winning a Bafta (it's rather similar to not winning a GMA), how Inkle is much better than Steve Jackson and how you make an open world book. Their new game Sorcery! 3 sounds rather excellent and will undoubtedly miss out on a Bafta next year.

We also found out how Fearne Cotton is making extra pocket money by selling Xboxes, did some news near the end of the show, Ann went drinking, Ste and Simon played the same game and the letters section has been sponsored! By the company that Simon is joining next week. And we had the core contributing trio of Doctor Avatar, GameUnder and Sega Badawi.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Impulses - Overflow
2. Ob111 - Entering Ale Country

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One Life Left has always been a firm believer in helping the little guy out. It's why we've always applauded (quietly) when the GMA judges decided to give their podcast/radio show award those teams that aren't on FM. So we felt that having Holly and Kate from Toku Podcast on as our Super-Special Guests would be a good idea. We were wrong. They obviously hadn't learnt that if you wanted to become a success like Mike Bithell or the New Yorker's Simon 'Parkinson' Parkin then you needed to show us respect. Therefore this episode is a textbook example of how to ruin your career. (Although we're not sure if it's ours or theirs that is ruined)

And the show started off started off so well. Simon took the risk of doing the show without headphones, Ste found a CD of filler music and Ann was recovering from having two roasts in one day. Then it went wrong. Ann started to tell a very sexy news story that rapidly turned out to be not particularly sexy - especially once Ste added in a contribution from Gogglebox. Then we interviewed Holly and Kate and it went worse. We learnt that you can never trust Keith Stuart - tabloid journalist - and Ann got scammed by a videogame that turned her to drink.

We did have contributions from GameUnder and Sega Badawi and we had a round up of what happened at our last Marioke. Which reminds us that next month's Marioke is on 14/05, rather than the third Thursday, so you've got less time to get your lyrics sent in.

Team OLL x

Track list:
1. Mister Beep - Hornets Assault
2. Please Lose Battle - Eleven O'Clock


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After a mini break for Easter, where we only ate Mini Eggs and Mini Milks, One Life Left is back! Ste had managed to break an egg exactly in half, Ann went outside and Simon helped gamify Easter and also met our thirteenth listener. Ann managed to break an exclusive, which is that she's highly likely to be a major character in the new Grand Theft Auto film that's coming out. Apparently only one third of the cinema seats will be available at the beginning of the film, which the rest of the cinema being unlocked as the film goes one.

Our Super-Special Guest this week was Nitrome’s Aaron Steed. He told us all the gossip about Quinn's beginner Netrunner tournament (or BeQuinner tournament if you will) and how you identify which Flash games will work well on mobile. We also found out what are the main problems in creating a rogue like and how good we are at making Aaron forget the names of other good rogue likes.

GameUnder provided more evidence of the corruption in videogames whilst Sega Badawi provided his Local News too late for the live show so we had to insert it into the podcast. We received some post in our pigeon hole that wasn't actually as exciting that we thought would be and we started a beef with Radio 4.

Oh and if you read this on Wednesday 15/04 then come to #THIRDSDAY on Thursday 16/04! Simon won’t be there which might just be the incentive you need to attend.

Team OLL x


Track listing;
1. AtariTufty- Beeper X
2. Hurri Gameboy - Astro

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It's been a while since we were last on Resonance FM, but you will have no doubt been keeping up to date with our adventures by listening to our GDC podcasts. But there are few things that we held back as we needed time to reflect on them. What was Simon offered to bump people up the Marioke queue? Why have we not been added to the list of E3 attendees? What was David Braben watching on the flight back? Only one of these questions will be slightly answered. We're just not a match for the journalistic integrity of the 3am girls.

Our Super-Special Guest was someone who demanded we did improve our integrity as our regular contributor Gameunder came into the studio. He demanded to be able to disseminate how games could be made better, which game has caused all these problems in the industry and why Kieron Gillen is ultimately to blame.

We also had a mini-report about the National Videogame Arcade and learnt how to play Virtua Tennis without looking at the screen. Doctor Avatar and Sega Badawi provided recorded contributions to join in with Gameunder's live one.

We've not got a show next week due to Egg Day, but there is a Marioke on the 16th and we'll be having one at Develop. Possibly on the Tuesday but it'll be confirmed on our next episode.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Feryl - Broken Patterns
2. Bitwise - Pulse City
3. Jredd - Static Dash Zone

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One Life Left vs Gamasutra GDC2015 Show #4


Recorded live from the Moscone's North Hall in San Francisco at GDC2015


Presented by Ste Curran, Cara Ellison and Kris Graft, with very special guests:


Kate Edwards (IGDA)

Runa Haukland (Hamar Game Collective)

Chris Gomez (Writer and Game Designer)

Thomas Bidaux (ICO Partners)

Matt Boch (Harmonix)

Robert Yang (NYU)

Tom Vian (SFB Games)

Tadhg Kelly (Has a new book)



That's it for 2015. See you next year! Or keep listening, because we do something (a bit) like this every week. Subscribe to One Life Left here:


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One Life Left vs Gamasutra GDC2015 Show #3


Recorded live from the Moscone's North Hall in San Francisco, live at GDC 2015, and featuring some NSFW industrial language.


Presented by Simon Byron, Ste Curran, Cara Ellison and (briefly) Christian Nutt, with very special guests:


John Walker (RPS)

Frank Cifaldi (Other Ocean)

Michael Consoli (Cartwheel Games)

Chris Zukowski (Wizard Golf)

Bennett Foddy (

Trent Kusters (League of Geeks)

Forrest Dowling (The Molasses Flood)

John Ingold (Inkle)

Joseph Humfrey (Inkle)

Hannah Flynn (Failbetter)

Alexis Kennedy (Failbetter)

Rupert Meghnot (Burnout Game Ventures)

Oscar Clark (Unity)


ONE AGAIN, THIS PODCAST CONTAINS QUITE A BIT OF SWEARING / CURSING. Apologies in advance. Our bleep button was broken.




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One Life Left vs Gamasutra GDC2015 Show #2


Recorded live from the Moscone's North Hall in San Francisco, live at GDC 2015.


Presented by Simon Byron, Ste Curran, Cara Ellison and Alex Wawro, with very special guests including:


Mike Bithell

Rob Manuel

Regner Blok-Andersen

Jory Prum

Gordon Midwood

Kerry Turner

Christy Marx

Drew Murray

Sarah Brin

and more, more, MORE.


More tomorrow! Subscribe to One Life Left here:


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Recorded live from the Moscone's North Hall in San Francisco, live at GDC 2015.


Presented by Simon Byron, Ste Curran, Cara Ellison and Kris Graft, with very special guests:


Alex Fleetwood (Fabulous Beasts)

Damon Shelton (Naughty Dog)

Rami Ismail (Vlambeer)

Steve Theodore (Undead Labs)

Andrew Bennison (Prospect Games)

James Parker (Ground Shatter)

Teddy Diefenbach (Heart Machine)

Nels Anderson (Campo Santo)

Eline Muijres (Gameoven / Monogon Games) 

Robert Curry (Dinosaur Polo Club)


More tomorrow! Subscribe to One Life Left here:


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With this episode we bring Ste's birthday celebrations to a close for the year. At least until his second birthday of the year in November which will take place at GameCity. As part of the celebrations we allowed the million dollar journalist Cara Ellison to Skype in from France to do the news in Ann's absence. She did a great job, apart from being unable to pronounce symphony correctly.

We had two - count 'em, two! - Super-Special Guests this week: Hannah Flynn and Liam Welton from Fail Better Games (a small team that is part of Fail Better Studios). We found out all about their new game - Sunless Sea, what it was like destroying Eurogamer's scoring system (and Parko) and nothing at all about what it was like working with Bioware.

There's also more development on our official OLL game, local news from Sega Badawi and more gritty games propaganda busting from Game Under. The only way we could make this episode better is by allowing you to hear Simon trying to get Skype to work on a Mac.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Wholesome Family Music - Dope Rhymez
2. Motion Ride - Phantom Party[edm-chiptune]
3. Klamm - Impulse


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After the time-travelling exploits of our last episode this one sees us return to our usual podcasting timetable. However, it starts with Simon having just been given a tub of Vaseline so maybe in the future we should stick to a confusing schedule.

It's a busy week for Team OLL with Simon preparing for #THIRDSDAY/Marioke, Ann getting ready for #networking at the Top 100 Women in Videogames event and Ste will be playing Spelunky and eating ice cream (for research). Everything else we just referred to our Super-Special Guest and Head of Everything at Different Cloth: Gordon Midwood (the caretaker had to use Linked In to find his surname).

As well as being Head of Everything Gordon also talked about his new game Drive! Drive! Drive!, despite not really telling us anything about it. We also found out a bit about where his Mum currently resides. Not only that but we heard the latest from Doctor Avatar's surgery, Sega Badawi's local news and Game Under tries to smash the corrupt gaming system.

What else do you need? Well, we learnt a new abbreviation in Poapf so if that was what you needed then you'll be ok.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. metatronaut - Peaks and Valleys
2. Jredd - City Shift

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This episode is a bit wibbly-wobbly chronology-wonology. It was recorded last week, when we thought that it was Resonance FM's Fund Raising Week but then we realised it was the week after so we didn't mention it anymore. However it is now Resonance FM's Fund Raising Week so we hope that you are now giving all you possibly can to the excellent radio station that literally makes us more than a podcast.

The other reason this podcast was a bit late was that the Caretaker was in Prague on a works conference #networking which meant that Ste was meant to be uploading this episode last week. However, being the incredibly clever person that he is, the fact that the actual fundraising show has been retconned into making it look like there was a proper reason for him not doing it.

Internal misunderstandings aside, it was a great show this week. Last week. Whatever. Ann stayed at Simon's for streaming fun and Ste watched the Superbowl, had jingle problems and kept his scarf on indoors. And we had Emily Gera, senior news reporter at Polygon, on as a Super-Special Guest! We found out what it has been like working at Polygon from the very beginning, what Emily misses from the old days of videogame magazines and how she is going to bring it back. More importantly we ask hard-hitting questions (from our listeners) about Pot Noodles.

As well as all this we had our usual features which were: Sega Badawi, Game Under, Ann talking about Going Around, Ste talking about Spelunky and Non-Intern Simon talking about BangMan!. This is also the final show featuring Intern Simon that we've podcasted. He's been a great help in making sure that Ann has included all the important news in her reports and we've enjoyed having him in the studio.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Doomsberry - Aeroplanespaceships
2. Lauk Metaals - Are You OK
3. Jakim (feat. Wing) - Attractor

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Team OLL is on a creative streak with season eleven. After last week's discovery of #networking, Ste decided to invent a new catchphrase. That he had been shouting to us constantly for the past ten seasons but we finally noticed that he was there. Also, those of you who write fanfic about us may be interested to know that one of Team OLL is having a sleepover at another's house. It will disappoint Stimon worshippers though.

This week's Super-Special Guest was Phil Robb from Turtle Rock Studios. We were the final stop on his world wide promotional tour so naturally we offered him a good rub down. After such a good start to the interview we then confused him about how we pronounce 'exception', he spoiled Left 4 Dead 2 for you and we found out what his co-operative and competitive shooter Evolve is going to be like. But does he swear?

In terms of features we had Sega Badawi, the second installment of Game Under and a returning contributor who isn't Derek Williams. Ste also realised that we could perhaps monetise our reviews, but then forgets about it and we also remembered to do some work on the official One Life Left game (which is to raise money for the excellent Resonance FM).

Team OLL x


Track listing:
1. Uncle Bibby - Repeep
2. Fearofdark - Love Sickness[2a03]
3. Motionride - 2d Glitch[edm-chiptune]
4. Mills DJ - Abuse

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It's a whole new season for a whole new One Life Left! We start season eleven with great news - we're going to China. Apparently the far east has yet to pick up on the karaoke craze and as part of our networking at our corporate event last week we have been handed an incredible opportunity. We also picked up a new joke so it was a highly productive session.

And to celebrate the new season we had a Super-Special Guest join us. And the lucky SSG was Catharina Due Bøhler from Shadow Puppeteer developers Sarepta studio. She started off fairly quiet, but soon proved to be as potty mouthed as all Norwegians are. Even worse she was highly offensive about our protege. Not Parko, the other one. The lethal one. In between her offending the nation we also managed to find some information about her excellent game Shadow Puppeteer.

In addition to Catharina we celebrated Ann being confirmed as one of the top ten women in the top one hundred women in videogames, Ste chaired a mini debate on Hotline Miami 2 and Non-Intern Simon's on/off love affair with Nintendo continued. Sega Badawi provided the latest local news and we had a new feature! Which was Duncan McKenzie's excellent Game Under.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Klamm - Just Chill
2. jmr- Nothing Can Be Fixed Here. God, Burn!!

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The constantly changing news reporter position saga is at an end as we welcome News Fox Ann 'Scoops' Scantlebury back after a two episode absence. Non-Intern Simon had also been away during the week enjoying the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Hamburg. But the main story of the day was how Ste managed to fight off two robbers who were on a moped. He truly is a hero. And it didn't affect him at all, well except for at the very beginning of the show.

Our SSG for this final episode of the season (don't worry - the new season starts next week) is SFB Games's Tom Vian. He was in to talk about their game Detective Grimoire and what their possible next game is going to be like. It makes Ste a little bit excited, if that helps in any way. We try to find out if Tom uses arrays in any of his games and find out how difficult it can be to communicate to your Kickstarter backers.

There's a return to surgery with Doctor Avatar and Sega Badawi provides us with some local news. Non-Intern Simon has to google 'acrostic', we find out the best spheres in games and Ann tells us how excited she is to be involved in our latest Resonance FM fund raising project.

Oh and Simon has launched Bang Man! on ios. You might not pick up on this during the show.

Team OLL x


Track list:

1. Motionride - Automatic Town[chiptune-rock]
2.  Ampliflyer - Maneuver

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It's a new year so it's time for a new look Team OLL! Well maybe not but Ann was ill on Monday so we had to come up a solution that didn't involve Sega Badawi. Luckily we found one in the Million Dollar Journalist (TM) Cara Ellison who was linking up live to the studio from Paris. She provided us with Le News Du Gaming, coped well with the slight lag in connection and told us how amazing Paris is. Stay amazing Paris.

However, despite Cara being both Super and Special she was not this week's Super-Special Guest. That honour went to Ben Maltz-Jones who works for voice over specialists OM UK. He told us how difficult it is doing voices for videogames, spoke a little about the Game of Thrones Telltale game and we tried to get him to tell us examples of bad voice overs in videogames in an attempt to get him blackballed from the industry.

We also found out what it's like having Christmas in Ramsay Street, workshopped some Cockney rhyming slang and discovered the official French nickname for Batman. There was a feature from a demoted Sega Badawi and we unveiled the OLL Project For 2015.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. nitro pulse - Hydro Beast
2. Ninten Kwon Do - Close Your Eyes, Listen, Now Dance

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