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Hurrah! Ste is back from celebrating noted theme tune composer Iain Cook's birthday. Boo! Ann has a cold from GameCity. Boo! Simon is away for some unspecified reason. Hurrah! We have Dan Stubbs on the show as our Super-Special Guest.

And it was good that Dan came all the way from Plymouth to be on the show as his game - The Hit - sounded excellent. Dan taught Ste how to kill people properly and clarified that Ste does work for The Agency. Ann just wanted to use the game engine to make a Taylor Swift concert, but that's her standard response for anything these days.

In terms of features Derek Williams came back for another shop related song, Doctor Avatar treated another injury and Sega Badawi reported on some local news. We also explained about #THWEDNESDAY and how it differs from #THIRDSDAY (it's pretty difficult to follow).

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Alex Ochoa and Laffe The Fox - No Puedo Decirte Adios
2. Starman Stan - Copacetic
3. The One Electronic - Effervescent Iridescent
4. Maru303 - Trip Or Treat

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