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It's time for the post-GameCity episode and this one is no exception. Because - as usual - GameCity was fantastic and everyone who attended our amazing Marioke session are automatically FOTS and will be removed from the list. Except for Pip. She knows what she did.

And once again Ste was absent from this show. Apparently he was at a friend's birthday party which we think was being held at the Wacky Warehouse and, because he was waiting for a responsible adult to pick him up, he couldn't make it back in time. However in order to compensate for this we had two (count 'em - two!) Super-Special Guests on the show. There was Size Five Games' Dan Marshall and Mike Cook from Ann's old alma mater Goldsmiths, University of London.

We found out all about Dan's new game the Swindle, found out what he thinks about looking at pasties online and what he thinks is the 51st best game of all time. Mike told us about how you can create games by doing nothing (apart from doing a lot of programming at the beginning), upset Dan with this information (but then cheered him up) and explained his procedural gamejam (that's already sold out).

We also found out about what you need to do if you find a Mike Bithell in your house, make an allegation about Jonathan Smith and Ann explains what a bot is. Super Roger World and Sega Badawi provided some features. That we played between some excellent chiptunes and us talking.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. YERZMYEY - Chasing
2. VCMG - Orbital
3. Jredd (feat. groovemaster 303) - Technocolor Street

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