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This episode was actually recorded two weeks ago so prepare yourself for vintage/retro One Life Left. Ann had a karaoke injury, Simon was in a grump and Ste was possibly replaced by an imposter so we had to use the latest in eye tracking technology to suss him out.

Luckily we had an excellent Super-Special Guest in Ground Shatter's James Parker who came all the way from Bristol just to be on our show. Actually, this is why the episode is two weeks late as knowing the state of Britain's public transport he'll probably only just be getting home now! He told us what it was like to work with Mike Bithell before fame changed him, what you buy when you quit your job and - more importantly - a bit about the King of Fighters style game that he's working on.

And that's not all! We also had Vlambeer's Rami Ismail and the Train Jam's Adriel Wallick dropping in. Rami talked about his games distribution helpsite / Lady Diana's dead boyfriend tribute site whilst Adriel needed hashtag branding advice for the next Train Jam that's going to be held. Annoyingly it's not being held the day before Wednesday otherwise the most apt hashtag would be #ChooChooChoosday.

We also had Sega Badawi make a recorded appearance and lots of amazing letters from our amazing listeners. Hope you enjoy the summer holidays!

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Laffe The Fox - Heaven for Monsters
2. Stinkbug - Starlight Mall
3. Volt 44 - Zero
4. Klamm - Remember Super Mario/Super Mario Isn't Dead

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