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The OLL recorded before a #THIRDSDAY is fraught with danger. This one is no exception. Especially as we had World Cup (and Cricket (and hen do)) Fever. Could we do our usual exceptional radio show whilst knowing that commentators could be confused by goal line technology as we spoke. SPOILERS: Of course we could, we're (unpaid) professionals.

And Simon is still making steps towards becoming a professional games programmer / designer (Up, Down, Left, Right available for Android devices) so we went to someone with more experience in that area. Even though he's twelve years old. We got Sam Smith from Boxface Games in the studio to talk about his game Spacepants, what it's like being our grandchild and why Terry Cavanagh won't return his calls.

We also found that Ann can't whistle, that Simon can now make really good jokes about programming and try to figure out what's in THQ's bins. And as Ste was in charge of curating the music we had Sega Badawi making a return. It's an excellent show and one that you will show your appreciation of by attending #THIRDSDAY.

Team OLL x


1. Mike Bleeds - Sagittarius
2. MotionRide - Drones[chiptune]-cover-originally-by-rise-against
3. Lucas Noah + Nitro Pulse - 3D Dance

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