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One Life Left -- s10e04 -- #222 -- Brogue Likes

One Life Left prides itself on its news team. Ann has been with the show as a cub reporter and we've seen her grow into the excellent news journalist that you hear today. But she doesn't really get the support from Simon and Ste that she deserves. As you will hear in this week's episode where the lads don't expect her to get any proper journalism done with respect to Atari and their LGBT statement. You can expect to hear the All Apologies music next week.

We didn't have to apologise to our Super-Special Guest this week who was Darren Grey from Roguelike Radio. He managed to help clear up the differences between Rogue and Roguelikes. Luckily we didn't ask him what the difference was between a Roguelike and The Like as it would have gotten terribly confusing. However, after our advice he will have to amend the name of his podcast slightly or he may be hearing from our legal team.

Also on the show Simon asks a rather technical programming question. He's changed. Ann thinks of skinny jeans and Ste talks about cricket. They haven't changed. Sega Badawi reads the local news and Super Roger World speaks to his agent. And if you would like to change the list of contributors (by creating a new feature) then send something in to the usual address. Thingy's going to do one again and she's been away for AGES.

There's a review of how our second #THIRDSDAY went down amongst the footy fans and Ann promoted the show during the Radius Festival by not actually mentioning the show. But that's because she's a journalist not a promoter. Plus Ste wasn't there to point at her, which is the usual gesture that makes her say our web address.

Team OLL x


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1. Kommisar - Cherry Cola
2. Chema64 - The Mother We Share
3. Imaginary - Strawberry Crush

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The OLL recorded before a #THIRDSDAY is fraught with danger. This one is no exception. Especially as we had World Cup (and Cricket (and hen do)) Fever. Could we do our usual exceptional radio show whilst knowing that commentators could be confused by goal line technology as we spoke. SPOILERS: Of course we could, we're (unpaid) professionals.

And Simon is still making steps towards becoming a professional games programmer / designer (Up, Down, Left, Right available for Android devices) so we went to someone with more experience in that area. Even though he's twelve years old. We got Sam Smith from Boxface Games in the studio to talk about his game Spacepants, what it's like being our grandchild and why Terry Cavanagh won't return his calls.

We also found that Ann can't whistle, that Simon can now make really good jokes about programming and try to figure out what's in THQ's bins. And as Ste was in charge of curating the music we had Sega Badawi making a return. It's an excellent show and one that you will show your appreciation of by attending #THIRDSDAY.

Team OLL x


1. Mike Bleeds - Sagittarius
2. MotionRide - Drones[chiptune]-cover-originally-by-rise-against
3. Lucas Noah + Nitro Pulse - 3D Dance

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One Life Left -- s10e02 -- #220 -- Dyer Straights

You may find this week's show lacking in something. You see, because Ste was making his way back from Sheffield's DocFest and Ann was moving house it meant that Simon had to curate the music and features for this episode. And Simon wasn't told if there were any features for this week. So there's no Sega Badawi, Dr. Avatar, Shipping Forecast or Super Roger World in this show. But that does mean that you get around four to five more minutes of interviewing time with our Super-Special Guests Steve McNeil and Sam Pamphilon!

Sam and Steve came in to get advice in advance of their appearance at Georg Backer's Radius Festival and also to tell us about their Go 8Bit event. We in turn told them about our gloriously terrible attempt at doing Videogame Stand Up in Nottingham. Unfortunately they then outdid us by remembering the John Barnes rap from World In Motion. They then dropped our former Karaoke King Rob/Weaselspoon in it by telling us how Rob made a game for them. Where's our game Rob?

Ste and Simon get confused about the correct way to pronounce Jredd and Ann gets confused about who voiced Thomas Was Alone. We also say goodbye to Log (curse of the GMAs), put Leo Tan in the Book of Records and Simon told us about the time that Simon and Ann did their stand up routine at a Christmas Party. It was rather bad. The Caretaker has a bootleg recording of it if anyone is interested.

Oh and SIMON RELEASED A GAME! It's actually rather good and we highly recommend it. A definite seven out of ten, but Google Play doesn't allow you to score it a seven so the official One Life Left style guide says you have to score it the closest to a seven. Which is five. Five out of five.

Team OLL x




Track list:

1. Jredd - Giga Snap

2. Motion Ride - Korobeinki[chiptune-punk]-30th-anniversary-of-tetris

3. Mr. Zongrs - The Pirate King Of Space


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One Life Left -- s10e01 -- #219 -- Ten-acious Ste

One Life Left is well known for keeping its promises. Managing to brand a certain day of the week for our karaoke event? DELIVERED. Making a superstar of Mike Bithell? DELIVERED. Promising not to mention 'that thing' we all know about Simon 'Parko' Parkin on air? DELIVERED. So when we promised that Georg Backer would come on the first episode of our tenth season and he'd bring along his PA then you knew there would be only one all caps word we'd write: DELIVERED.

Not only did we talk about Georg and Keith's new festival - Radius Festival - and how it will cope being placed against OLL Thirdsday, but we heard about Georg's dream location for a festival. And soon regretted hearing about his dreams. As usual we told Keith what to say to senior figures in the games industry when he'll meet them at E3, something which has made him reach the high levels he is currently reaching. And Ann got ejected by her chair. Which was the one Keith was meant to be using.

We got Sega Badawi detailing the latest local news. And also Doctor Avatar made an appearance. He is now an official Doctor which we think means that Parko can get 'that thing' looked at. Congratulations Doctor Avatar. Good luck Parko.

And being the first episode of a new season we came up with a task for the season. This one even sounds like we might even be able to achieve it. Although you'll probably all regret that this is the case.

Team OLL x


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1. MotionRide - Zeero Two Three
2. Kubi - Polarity

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