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It's hard being the official King Maker of the videogames industry. Last year we crowned Mike Bithell and videogames haven't been the same since. And for that, we apologise. This means that we've been on the lookout for the new King for a few months. Now is the time of the coronation. The King is (not literally) dead. Long live the King!

But who is the King we hear you ask? And what games has he made that just consist of blocks and a funny voiceover by Danny Wallace? Well, it's Luke Williams from Boss Studios and he's made the excellent Surgeon Simulator that - get this - actually involves proper graphics. We've literally looked outside the box for this choice. And Luke was an excellent guest, explaining how entering the Global Game Jam and expecting a lack of sleep makes you come up with weird (but amazing) ideas for videogames. He also officially announced One Life Left as the official partners of Surgeon Simulator, thereby allowing us to go up and collect the Bafta award when Surgeon Simulator wins and told us how easy/difficult it is to come up with touch controls for the new iPad version of the game.

In addition to talking about surgery and medical procedures we had Doctor Avatar talking about surgery and medical procedures (except Doctor Avatar's are real procedures that should not be tried at home (or elsewhere)) and Sega Badawi with more local news.

Unfortunately this will be the last OLL for a few weeks as we've got to prepare ourselves for GDC. Last time we went we got in so much trouble by adding the letter u whenever we said the word color so we've had to undergo an intensive elocution course so that we will be understood by the Indie Developers attending. Tune in to our podcasts in association with Gamasutra around GDC to hear how successful they were. Also, buy tickets for our next karaoke event on April 12th. It promises to be fantastic, we already have new songs written that will be premiered there and you don't want to hear about these second hand. Vines, Audioboos, Sound clouds and Instagrams just won't do them justice.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Stugard - Enceladus
2. Galan - Arcade Dub
3. Commandycan - C Side

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As you all know, there was no official podcast of last week's show (although we hear the unofficial recordings are selling for thousands of bitcoins on Silk Road) due to us raising money for Resonance. We also announced the date and location for the first ever Spring Break Videogame Karaoke. Go to for more details and buy a ticket before they sell out!

Luckily this week we were back to a normal style show with a Super-Special Guest. Oh. Except the Super-Special Guest, Will from Rambo game makers Reef Entertainment was involved in a tram incident at Clacton (the Caretaker might have remembered this incorrectly) so he wasn't able to make the beginning of the show to talk about the challenges of making a game out of such an iconic film series or what physics you need to lob a tank at a helicopter. Would he even make the show at all (SPOILERS: Yes, and he was great)?

Still, such things happen from time to time. At least the core trio of Team OLL would be there for the start of the show. But wait? Where is the second hottest member of the team Ann 'Scoops' Scantlebury? Claiming that she was also delayed due to bus incidents (or possibly a perm taking longer than expected) we had to fill 20 minutes before we could start with the news. So instead we decided to have an #AMA, which apparently stands for Ask Us Anything. This meant we predicted the news, worked out what videogames pets like, shed a tear for the Trocadero and try to make our theme win a Classic FM poll.

However, our contributors didn't let us down with Super Roger World, Shipping Forecast and Birthday Boy Sega Badawi all returning to the airways. So all in all another amazing episode!

Team OLL x


1. defiantsystems - Bronson
2. Here Between You Me - Sometimes

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In this week's show we have John and Simon from Olli Olli developers Roll 7. Luckily for them we forgot to go on about the Superbowl, which we were going to hilariously rename the SuperbOLL, and thinking about it probably wasn't going to work over the airwaves. We also forgot to mention our great idea to mash up OlliOlli and The Stanley Parable to make the Stan and Ollie Parables, which would detail the black and white adventures of one thin man and one fat man in a horn factory.

We did manage to ask them about working with Sony, what it's like annoying Dan Marshall (more to see if they found it different to how we find it), the colour of their new game but neglected to mention how much it would cost to use our likenesses for an OLLiOLLi spin off. Ah well. Scanters got recognised as a Twitter celebrity, gave hair and nightlife advice and the Team all decided that killing children was wrong.

As usual Sega Badawi provided some local news, but Science Officer and Super Roger World made their welcome returns. We also learn about how to control games using your brain waves, try an experiment and probably fail at it. It's what we do best.

And if you can please contribute to the Resonance FM fundraiser. They're an excellent station to work with and they'll be really freaked out that we just wrote nice things about them. Next week will be a telethon but on the radio so a radithon? Either way, it'll be fantastic so tune in.

Team OLL x


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1. Mister Beep - Hypervelocity Stars
2. Monomania - Blue
3. Legacy - Rade (under the stars)

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