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There's not many people who get to be returning Super-Special Guests on One Life Left. Obviously many have tried. Sure, we've had bribes and threats but the integrity of our journalism is too important for us to let it be affected by these tawdry attempts. For this week's show we had the excellent Keith Stuart from the Guardian (Britain's top Newspaper) who arrived not bearing gifts, but needing the toilet. And you'll get to see if he remembered to do up his flies by looking at the recorded live stream. Yes, this was the first ever episode of One Life Left to have a live video stream (except we might have done a Google+ hangout a few years back (and maybe once over an Android phone?)).

Keith didn't tell us his itunes password, but we did find out which console manufacturer he wants to be destroyed, how long it takes for him to write a news story and what he really thinks of Eurogamer. It's all shocking stuff. Ann is in the midst of a housing crisis so Ste and Satoru Iwata offered advice in varying levels of usefulness, Simon gets jealous when he finds out how much money Keith has made from Kickstarter and we have an almost grown up discussion about the pros and cons of narrative games. Sorry about that.

As usual Sega Badawi provides us with some local news, but we have another new feature making its debut (well, it would be a bit daft to have an old feature making its debut). Not only that, but you'll find out whether Team OLL prefer window or aisle seats, which is information no other videogame radio shows can provide.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Wiklund - Blaster
2. Volcano Kid - Super Robotic Encounters

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