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After a wonderful and refreshing break (where Simon's telly was used by former contributor Taliah to bond when her new boyfriend on Christmas Eve and Ste and Ann facetimed America and honeytrapped indie developers on New Years Eve) One Life Left is back! And we're hitting the ground running with no errors, unless you count losing the letters as an error, which it isn't, it's a feature (who says we don't learn anything from our interviews with developers?).

Luckily as our first Super-Special Guests of 2014/Year of Bidoof were David and Philippa, the creators of our GOTY which was the Ann Scantlebury-starring Going Around. As part of Simon's interview role-play, this week he took on the role of Jeremy Kyle and tried his best to split up David and Philippa, although he didn't go as far as having a lie detector test (we're saving that for Parko). We also found out what it's like to compete in a Game Jam, what year will be the most annoying this century and how David and Philippa decided on which of Team OLL should star in Going Around.

There were also returning features in the form of Sega Badawi and Doctor Avatar. And Simon argues with Gamasutra's Mike Rose about math(s), Ann temps on Pip's Not A Game podcast (feat. Tom Hatfield) and Ste comes up with a foolproof plan to win a GMA. Not only that, but we officially announce some exciting news for March.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Wiklund and Joule - Makebelieve girl
2. Zer0 Filt3r - Lost In Thought

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