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It's weird how much of a difference a single letter makes. Changing an M to a W turned Mario from an athletic Princess rescuing plumber to a money-obsessed games designer who stinks of garlic. Similar changing an A to an E makes Parko no longer a diaeresis-obsessed games journalist who constantly loses his shoes to Jason 'Perko' Perkins - the managing director of Curve Studios who, along with Rob Clarke, is this episode's Super-Special Guest.

And we perhaps weren't in the best frame of mind, with this episode being recorded after Ann and Ste got the All Tomorrow's Parties festival shut down. The Curve boys did appear to be better prepared than us at the beginning of the show, but we soon found out that they had trouble with electronic devices. Which probably isn't the best inside of the Resonance FM studio with all of its electronic devices.

Inspired by Jeremy Paxman and his beard we tried a new method of interviewing, which immediately paid absolutely no dividends. So then Simon tried being nice which seemed to work much better. Perhaps we should try to be nicer to everyone (We agree - Parko and Keith Stuart). We did find out some exclusive gossip about Mike Bithell that blows apart what we previously knew about the creation of Thomas Was Alone.

As usual at this time of year we talk about the forthcoming Christmas party which is close to selling out despite Keith not keeping up with his end of the bargain. If you're coming please remember to bring some games for Secret Santa (and put what games system the games are for) and also be fully prepared for the Pipmas Anntomime that we'll be premiering that night (with a view to transferring to Broadway). If you're not coming then please feel free to provide us with more karaoke songs for us to sing.

Not only did we have all that in the show but we also had Local News and a returning Science Officer. The rest was all down to Ann, who scared her flatmate by playing a game, became a YouTube Superstar and also came up with the equation that six PS4s are the same as no PS4s.

Team OLL x

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Ste's back! Hurray! Finally the team is back together and nothing will ever split us up again! Unless Ste goes on a radio show by himself and Simon then books an interview with Medium Wave's Five Live (remembering to invite Ann for protection) thereby causing a massive split and possibly putting the Christmas party in doubt. But those chain of events will never happen would they? Well, they could, but the Christmas Party would never get cancelled (tickets still available at!).
Luckily we had some experts in the world of tearing apart previously strong structures/teams with our Super-Special Guests from Media Molecule, Michelle Ducker and Christophe Villedieu. They tell us all about their new game on the Vita, Tearaway*, but more importantly they tell us all about their secret treehouse. Which probably isn't so secret now they've spoken about it on the radio.
We reveal how the Assassin's Creed movie is likely to start, get confused about if there are still motion controlled coin-ops at the Trocadero, get further confused about the right number of sharks to guard an XBone and get really confused about Ann's accents. At least Sega Badawi, Doctor Avatar and Craig 'the Rage' McLelland brought some sense to the show. Oh, wait, the opposite of that (in a good way, natch).
And we get the EXCLUSIVE review of Twitter! Yes, hear it and weep Polygon! Who cares about the PS4 where there are social networks to review?
Team OLL x
* Our Caretaker was upset to find out that this isn't a sequel to Tearaway Thomas for the Amiga.

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In all our nine seasons at One Life Left we've never had a walk out. We've never offended a guest so much that they stormed out of the studio never to return. That run had to break at some point, but we never thought that we could have offended our Super-Special Guest Keith Stuart - the most nicest man in videogames journalism. He came on the show (even though we got him the sack from The Guardian) to talk about his new Kickstarter, which is an excellent book about the Sega Megadrive. But it all turned sour. We thought we were ok to go to Cara's feature, but K Dog didn't like that, threw his headphones to the ground and stormed out. Awkward.

It took all the best efforts of our other Super-Special Guest Simon "Parko" Parkin to persuade him to come back into the studio. Our caretaker has tried to cover the majority of the blow-up, but you might still hear Keith's voice raise slightly and the fear in Parko's voice.

It's a shame because Parko was also on the show to promote a book, not to work on his fledgling career as a counsellor. Parko's book is an illustrated history of 151 games and he doesn't even need a Kickstarter to get it released. He's so edgy! And he owns a boat too! Although he doesn't really know what a meme is.

As well as our SSGs (and no Ste as he was still on his spirit walk in America) we also had features from Cara, Science Officer and Sega Badawi along with an announcement of new features from Philippa Warr, Leigh Alexander and One Life Left's Guy Cocker. There's talk about Ann getting a perm too, but the only way of finding out if the perm will happen is by buying a ticket for the Christmas Party (and attending). They're still available at but at current buying rates they'll be sold out before December so buy now!

Team OLL x


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After last week's debacle where Simon didn't make it to the studio, he took all necessary precautions. He made sure that all trees near the train line were torn down and threw Lord Sir Charles Cecil out of his studio chair into the cold unforgiving London night. Unfortunately he also chucked Ste out who flew off to America in a grump/to give a talk at GDC Next.

Luckily we had the perfect replacements in Philippa Warr and Ed Fear. But which was the Super-Special Guest and which was the Super-Special co-presenter? We never actually decided, we were spending too much time giving Philippa secret missions at the Call Of Spooky launch or making Ed gip at Doctor Avatar's descriptions of a medical procedure.

More importantly we tried to find out if Ann's new glasses fit in her hair, used Ed's contacts to find out exclusive news regarding Jonathan Ross moving to Microsoft and worked out that Simon inadvertently won the GMA for Guy Cocker. Hopefully Guy will send it over now he realises the debt that he owes to us.

Even more importantly, we announced the date for our Christmas Party Feat. The Guardian. It's on Saturday 14th December and you should buy tickets at We're even having a pantomime this time. We would do an "oh yes we are" joke there, but we're not the type of podcast that goes for lazy humour. Wait, oh yes we are! LOL *sad face*.

Team OLL x


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