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We've moved on from the GMA 'controversy'. To be honest, we're finding the British Games Journalism scene too restricting for us. We need to look further afield, to the land of the free. And - look - our Super-Special Guest for this week's episode is GameSpot's Editor-in-Chief Justin Calvert. He flew in all the way from Oakland just to speak to us, and boy were his arms tired! Whilst we talk to him about what it was like working in the UK during the Golden Age of Videogame magazines, we're obviously more interested in what it's like working in America. And, more specifically, if there are three jobs going there in their podcast division.

We don't get a direct answer from Justin on the job front, but we do find out that he isn't Matt Bellamy's brother, that Brian Blessed isn't Ste's Uncle and also what exactly a Banbury Cake is. We also reveal one of most recent methods of confusing Parko, which is a fun game for all the family and we'll probably do a Kickstarter on it next year. Until then feel free to donate to Simon and Ste's Kickstarters via the links below.

As well as the doyouinverts we had Local News as this week's features. We were expecting something from Cara, but as usual we were professional as didn't draw attention to it during the show. We bounce some ideas around regarding our YouTube channel and also reveal that the date of our Christmas Party won't be 20/12.

We're also preparing for our GameCity event 'One Death Left'. Hopefully as many of you as possible will make the journey to Nottingham for this Friday. You can read more about it on the GameCity schedule (, but it'd be great to see you there.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Laffey the Fox - Circus Fox
2. the doyouinverts - Day One
3. Klamm - Woman in Red
4. Apterous - Jet pack Samurai/State of Mind

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