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Let's cut the introductions, you know who we are. Or if you don't you'll at least know who Ste Curran is after listening to this season pilot episode.

Yes, the team is back and ready for action. Except this is a pre-season start warm up show which means that we don't have a guest and are likely to make mistakes, so be gentle. Already thrown by the lack of The Bike Show being on before us, we had to calm Simon down after he gets upset about not being on our GDC special episodes. Then Ste decides that talking is cumbersome and Simon explains how the games industry is racist.

The main thing is that we finally announce the next next generation console that you need to buy. If you have the money and actually want it, we guess.

We also finally decide on the correct way to write The List, and poor Dan Marshall is the first person of the new season to be pencilled in but he won't be the last (unless we rub his name out and then put him back in again).

The ninth season of One Life Left will officially launch next week, which means we'll have a guest and are likely to make mistakes, so be gentle.

Team OLL x

1. Klamm - Mr. Dream
2. For A Broken Earth - Kyubey
3. Kommisar - Sugar Coated Affections

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