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The GMA Nominated (and GMA Invited) Team One Life Left is like a finely trained pit crew. We make the short change over between us and Lewis Schaffer sound so smooth that you'd never realise all our tops came off in the transition. Unless Ann mentions it later in the show.

We do have a Super-Special Guest in the form of Panic Barn's Tim Constant, who isn't Ed Vaizey or Jason Bradbury. He does have a great game in development called Tiki Taka Soccer which Simon is very much looking forward to being the World Champion of. We also try to find out what he's prepared to do for $20 when we work out what we should have as rewards for Kickstarter projects.

What else happened? Duncan Timiney wrote in and incriminated himself for poor (or possibly good) parenting, we finally premiered Cara Ellison's new feature Electric Dreams and Craig 'the Rage' McLelland and Local News made returns. Ste showed how much of a hit he is with the ladies by explaining what happened what he invited Ann round to play some SNES games and we promoted a rival podcast without actually knowing what the rival podcast was. (Note to other podcasts: We are easily confused).

Oh! We almost forgot! We announced our event for Nottingham's GameCity. It's called One Death Left and will involve karaoke and murder, as we've worked out all excellent events usually comprise of those two things. It's going to be held on Friday 25th October so keep that night free.

Team OLL x


1. Fighting Free - Pixel Police
2. Fluid Volt - Amnesiac

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It's only been seven days since the last episode of One Life Left but so much has changed. Simon opened his bag live on air, Ste was prestalked by the Bike Show and Ann caught a cold and needs her duvet. Or was she putting in her excuses in order to take the day off work and play GTA V?

Luckily, we did have a super-special guest in the form of Superflat Games' Jasper Byrne. He claims to be 37 years old, but according to Simon he looks too young. Perhaps he gave his age in base-8? We also find out what it's like to be working on the same game for seven years, that Lone Survivor is coming out for the Vita and Jasper EXCLUSIVELY reveals some information on the new game that he's been developing.

We also update you on the England-Australia ODI score (Spoilers: England lost), Simon reveals his and Ste's Steam ids and we welcome the returning Craig 'the Rage' McLelland, OLL Local News and the long-absent Science Officer. Do you need anything else? Well, does learning about Simon's diet help? No, didn't think it would.

Team OLL x


1. Klamm - pixelated life
2. The One Electronic - Chamomile

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Last week, that was just a warm up. This week, this is the real thing. Which means we're back, Back, BACK! With our eight/ninth season/series of the GMA nominated/GMA losing podcast/radio show One Life Left (delete to taste). All the usual presenters are present, er, and correct - although Ann appeared to be a little unsure that she was Ann (we're blaming her change of hair colour).

It's an episode of positives and negatives. Ann perfects her audition for GTA V, but this might mean the release will be delayed. Two new games consoles are announced, but the VitaLite pun doesn't really work said out loud so it can only be used here. And Simon gets kicked out of the IGDA, but we're not sure if this is good or bad.

What is good, is that we have ruler of Gamer Network, Rupert Loman on the show. Simon hits him hard with a hard hitting interview that is the trademark of One Life Left and manages to find out that Simon - and therefore One Life Left - is responsible for Eurogamer existing. We'll apologise next week, don't worry. Rupert does give us what might be the WORLD EXCLUSIVE review of Fifa 14. But we might have to apologise to EA for that next week.

All that, plus the welcome return of the doyouinverts and Doctor Avatar and a new feature in the form of OLL Local News.

Team OLL x


1. Bit Your Bitch - Love You Like A Long Song
2. the doyouinverts - Games Journalism LOL
3. Volt 44 - Why Isn't This Working
4. PSS 270 - Ghost Inside A Musical Box

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Let's cut the introductions, you know who we are. Or if you don't you'll at least know who Ste Curran is after listening to this season pilot episode.

Yes, the team is back and ready for action. Except this is a pre-season start warm up show which means that we don't have a guest and are likely to make mistakes, so be gentle. Already thrown by the lack of The Bike Show being on before us, we had to calm Simon down after he gets upset about not being on our GDC special episodes. Then Ste decides that talking is cumbersome and Simon explains how the games industry is racist.

The main thing is that we finally announce the next next generation console that you need to buy. If you have the money and actually want it, we guess.

We also finally decide on the correct way to write The List, and poor Dan Marshall is the first person of the new season to be pencilled in but he won't be the last (unless we rub his name out and then put him back in again).

The ninth season of One Life Left will officially launch next week, which means we'll have a guest and are likely to make mistakes, so be gentle.

Team OLL x

1. Klamm - Mr. Dream
2. For A Broken Earth - Kyubey
3. Kommisar - Sugar Coated Affections

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