One Life Left's Podcast

Episode 4. Presented by Ste Curran, Ann Scantlebury and (eventually) Jenn Frank, sitting opposite Gamasutra colleague Christian Nutt and special guests Greg Rice (Double Fine), Patrick Hackett (Double Fine), Bennett Foddy (QWOP, GIRP, Pole Riders), Matthew Luhn (Pixar), Ben Liu (Pocket Gems), Daniel Cook (Spry Fox), and Anna Marsh (Lady Shotgun).

One Life Left's relentless schedule continues with another special show, recorded live on Thursday lunchtime at GDC2013 from our temporary home at the foot of the North Hall escalators in San Francisco's Moscone Center. Topics include how to stay motivated, the creative process in big and small studios, cross-media pollination, mobile gaming, life / work balance, and some more brainstorming around our hug-game "concept". It's midway through the conference, we're losing our voices - our minds have somewhat gone too - but we'll get through this together, team, and continue regret nothing except the limited number of hours in every brilliant day.

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