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Episode 3. Presented by Ste Curran, Ann Scantlebury and Michael Frederickson alongside Gamasutra representative Kris Graft  and a wonderful panel of guests: Thomas Bidaux (Ico Partners), Sarah Brin (Curator, Ahhhhcade), Anthony Johnston (writer on Dead Space and Zombie-U), and Cara Ellison (Rock Paper Shotgun)

Day three -- or one, depending on how well you can count -- of GDC comes to a close and One Life Left reports live from a fast-emptying show floor. Topics include Kickstarter, diversity, the challenges in writing for interactive media, the universality of zombies, hugs (again), schedule highlights and how to be disturbing. There's also an unnerving discovery over at the iam8bit stand and the team discover whether they're more interesting than a staircase. Add in some excellent chiptunes and you've got the third episode of our videogame talk show. Three more to come!

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Episode 2. Presented by Ste Curran, Ann Scantlebury and Jenn Frank with today's amazing lineup Michael Pachter (Industry Analyst), Porpentine (Howlings Dogs), Margaret Robertson (Hide&Seek), Michael Brough (Glitch Tank), John Gibson (iam8bit), Chris Remo (Doublefine), Leigh Alexander (writing, singing, dancing, etc), Zoey Quinn (Depression Quest), Justin Who Approached Us And Said We Were Awesome (Telltale), Chris Dahlen (writer, narrative designer).

Our second episode at GDC, recorded live at lunchtime from the foot of the escalators in the North hall at the Moscone Centre. Topics include what we can do with $20, tiny games, two-player games, making people attractive, game narrative, getting jobs, hugging games and depression. A brilliant, diverse panel captures life from the show floor of the Game Developer -- random encounters, smart ideas and stream of consciousness serendipity. Lots of sweet music from the wonderful, too. This is the first of two shows recorded on the Wednesday -- look forward, or listen forward if you'd prefer, to episode three of six tomorrow... 

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