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It's the final One Life Left of the season. This is sad news. Ann might be ill. This also sad news. Ste was in Norway. We're unsure of the news status for this. Simon can't go to GDC with the rest of Team One Life Left as he's getting married*. This is sad news for the Blackberry Playbook and all females. What's even worse than all of this is that it is Derek Williams' final Free Market Economy.

He's been a near-constant electronic presence on our show and we're going to miss the 3 minutes he regularly filled up while Simon went out for a fag break, Ste read about Taylor Swift and Ann fixed her tights. If you miss him too then catch him at his market stall in Doncaster or wait to see if his Jan Doyle Band play a gig near you.

Still, every Yamaha/Korg/Moog cloud has a silver lining and we're glad to have Nicholas Lister on the show to give us more advice on how to make the One Life Left Videogame. He's busy developing his first game Imp Paired which prevented Ann from multitasking so it's sure to be a success. We also learn about how long it takes to nearly become an architect and FOTS Michael Frederickson sent in a parcel that made Ste gasp a little on air. It's totally understandable when you hear what it was though.

Team OLL x

* Although I (the caretaker) wasn't even asked if I wanted to go :(


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It's the penultimate OLL of the season and as usual we've decided to go all out for our second to last show. We have a Super-Special Guest in the form of Hot Sauce's Law Abiding (in Greece anyway) Georg Backer who shows amazing patience in praising our ideas for our new game even though we're beginners at this sort of thing (Ste especially). Georg also tells us what it is like to work for Jonathan Ross and what it was like to work for Peter Moulinex.

As well as Georg we also discover that Hookshot LNC have their own podcast (apparently it's been around for months - who knew?), Simon reinforces his status as the Michael Winslow of Videogames by adding a machine gun to his excited noise from last week, we hear tales of how the voice of God goes to the toilet and Ste says we don't have a Steam group even though we literally do. There's also Derek Williams, but we can always rely on Derek can't we? Can't we?


Team OLL x



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The one thing you can trust with One Life Left is that we are never late, and you'll find this out in today's episode which starts incredibly smoothly and finishes in style (NOTE TO CARETAKER: Edit out the bit where Ste enters the studio late due to British Transport, thereby putting off Simon and causing problems with our CD player). There's no SSG this week, but we can understand this as they're obviously all preparing ideas for own new game that we're writing so that they look silly when they finally do come on the show.

You can also help with the game design too! (Providing you do not expect any financial recompense for any ideas that you come up with and we use) Just send them in to our e-mail address and we'd be only too happy to use them, especially if it means we have less to do.

Simon and Ste had less to do this week as Ann returned to show how to do a proper news feature which in this episode made Simon's excited noise happen. We also heard how Ste stole money from FFOTS Zach Gage, along with features from Derek Williams and Press XY to Continue. So another great episode from One Life Left. Maybe.

Team OLL x


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Ok, first show of the year, let's do a roll call.

Simon? Here Sir, but he's been talking to strangers in Day Z again Sir.

Simon's top? He's absent Sir.

Tsk, that's always the case. Super-Special Guest? Yes Sir, we've got Mike Bithell to make third appearance. He's been promoted to milk monitor and Chief Design Officer to help Team OLL create the best videogame that has ever been made after his amazing game Thomas Was Alone did well in the IGF awards.

Danny Wallace? It's best he's not here Sir.

Ste? Here Sir, and he seems not have jet lag this time.

Scanters? Scanters? Scanters? I think she's ill Sir, or she's got a ladder in her tights again.

Well who will do the news? We can do it Sir, it's not difficult. You'll not even notice that she's missing, it'll be that smooth.

Ok. Incredibly long and complex introduction to the episode in an attempt to hide the caretaker's lack of inspiration? Unfortunately he was always here Sir.


Team OLL x



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