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Here's a transcript that one of Team OLL had with their boyfriend on the recently banned ios game Boyfriend Maker:

"I love going on dates with you"

"Nothing much"

"Have you listened to the latest One Life Left? It has Ed Fear from Mediatonic on there. He helps the team design their new social game that will take over the world."

"Robots and humans will always live in peace with each other!"

"There's also a discussion about Peter Molyneux and how amazing his name game will be. Although we're a bit worried with what's happened to Milo. Do you see Milo where you are?"

"Oops I don't know what to say..."

"You don't have to say anything. Unless you can say if you've seen Pat Garrett and Julian 'Jaz' Rignall in the same room together"


"Perhaps they'll be at the OLL Christmas Party to be held on December 15th."

"Up momma's house."

"I think that's the after party."

"Oh yea sorry"

"What happens after the afterparty?"

"Depends on what you believe"

"Ann says it's the hotel lobby"


"What do you think of Derek Williams?"

"She's a beautiful girl who stands up for what she think is right and doesnt let what people say get to her. She's had a rough life but with her friends and family she will make it through just fine."


"I really know she is very kind on u and she love u so much right? and she is very cutie :)"

"If you were to score our date out of ten, what would you give it?"




Team OLL x



1. Volt 44 - Twenty Two

2. Auxcide - Blue Planet - Earthscape - Eos[live-raw]

3. Solarbear - Pterodactyls

4. Ferretboy - Gameboy Dreams

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Due to circumstances beyond our control (his football kit was still in the wash) Ste couldn't make it in today, so naturally we got on to hypothetical phone to ask our hypothetical friends at Hookshot Lnc if we could borrow Parko to be a guest presenter. The language we heard down the phone we literally unbroadcastable (although that doesn't appear to stop them having a podcast) so we had to turn to Gav Murphy from Regular Features instead. Which actually turned out to be such a good idea that we're now pretending the call to Hookshot Lnc was actually a hypothetical one.


And as well as Gav we had a Super-Special Guest in the form of Rising Star Games' Yen Hau. Despite failing in his role as product marketing manager by not bringing in any food, he did manage to give us some Deadly Premonition t-shirts that we'll give away next week to the best letters.


We also told you about our excellent Christmas Party which looks likely to be our best ever. Mostly because we're doing some actual planning this time around, which as you'll all know is very unlike us. If you fancy coming then go to



Team OLL x




1. SpellingPhailer - Coffe and Crayons

2. Soleviio - The Boy who fought the Lightning


3. Dr. RemiX - Dub Quest

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It's not often we have someone on the show who started in videogames around the same time as Simon, usually because they've seen Simon with his top off so often that they refuse to be near him again, but SSG Steve Boxer is a man who is prepared to take that risk. We ask him what it is like to work under a leader/dessert eater like Keith Stuart at the Guardian and the difficulties that were had working under a maker of rudie magazines*. We also told an ENTIRELY HYPOTHETICAL story about Keith Stuart's GTA5 interview.

And at least Steve had somewhere to go after the show as he had been invited to the Codblopsii event. All we had to do was to watch Ste walk around London in his Stockport County kit muttering to himself about Taylor Swift and Westfield. Come on PRs, invite us to your new launch parties, we're totally prepared to sell ourselves for some tiny hamburgers and sixty dollars. And that's to share between us.


Team OLL x 

* We're trying to not attract the attentions of work filters.



1. Switch-On - Old Abandoned Cave

2. Indiaton - spooked 

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There's one thing we pride ourselves on at One Life Left and it's our professionalism. Actually, that might be an over-exaggeration, but we enjoy being Europe's only Videogame FM Radio Show as it means we have to show a bit more class than those AM radio or internet only shows. There's always a chance that a SSG could ruin things for us, so we make sure that they are well informed about the three rules of radio. If they break any of those then we could be in trouble.

Lucky then that there's no chance our SSSSG (Super-Sub Super-Special Guest) Hamish Todd from Girih Games would break those rules and cause us any problems right? Of course not. Instead Hamish tells us about how easy it is to not finish stuff and how Jonathan Blow is an inspiration when designing games (which goes against one of Simon's personal rules of videogame radio). We also possibly uncover an explanation as to why Ron Atkinson (breaker of rule number 3) kept referring to a footballing move as 'eyebrows'.

As well as this we have our regular features with Derek Williams, Simon Offends A Country (France this time), Wondering Which Animals Have Breasts on their Backs and a round-up of our new social media enterprise #chatterbOLLx. Ok, one of those is a regular feature, but surely the other three must return in future episodes. And we don't mention Taylor Swift as much as we thought we would (that's likely to happen next week).

Team OLL x 



1. Ultrasyd - I Will Dance Now! (STe)!-ste 

2. nonfinite - Eclipse (Note! Snare Rush Mix)!-snare-rush-mix

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