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In a land of distrust, and a time of hashtags, the destiny of a great videogame empire rests on the shoulders of a young radio show and podcast. Its name... One Life Left.

Although we should probably give grudging respect to our two Super-Special Guests who also help us discuss how videogame journalism is going to the dogs. In the corner of the fine upstanding British Game Press we have Rob Crossley, Associate Editor from CVG. He talks about the differences between the trade press and the consumer press. SPOILERS: There aren't many differences nowadays as long as you're interested in paint.

In the other corner representing American Gaming Journalism we have Leigh Alexander, Editor-at-large at Gamasutra and part-time Weather Girl. As well as telling us how the UK and US games press differs, she informs us about Wuzzles and gives us tips on the best way to get a free PS3.

And because of what's happening in journalism it means we can't go on about our karaoke as much as we usually do. We know, we've got sad faces all round as well. We do have time to talk about Derek Williams' amazing stage presence and how it helps make you more attractive to the opposite sex. If you want to join the Derek Williams Fan Club then please send a postal order for five pounds attached to a self-addressed Games Media Award to One Life Left c/o Resonance FM.

All this and the return of Craig The Rage? We spoil you sometimes.



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We'll admit it, losing the GMA this year hit us hard. People take loss in different ways and we decided to imagine it was a happier time. Say three years ago when people actually liked us enough to give us awards. Or send in letters.

One person who still likes us is Paul Kercal, our Super-Special Guest for this week's episode. He cheered us up by doing some amazing drawings on his numerous tablets, which we'll be uploading to the website soon. It was also interesting to hear how he first met Simon, which may have been the first 'first meeting of Simon' story that could actually be broadcast on the radio.

But how did Ann first meet Ste? The truth (as imagined by Simon) will be heard in this episode. There's also a birthday shout-out to Friend of the Show Leigh Alexander who will also be attending our Videogame Karaoke that is happening this Thursday at 9pm in Nottingham (as long as you're reading this before the event has started).

It all adds up to another excellent episode of One Life Left! Well, apart from losing the GMAs again. That bit really sucked.



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We're in full preparation for the GMAs which for most nominees means they're getting speeches ready in case they win, but in our case we're just doing lots of press-ups with our tops off to get ready to push over various gaming luminaries. If you're going there be warned: you could be on our list. (There is no list, we just push over people who get within range if we've had enough to drink).

Luckily our super-special guests Ben Hogg and Daniela Pietrosanu from board game distributors Esdevium didn't need to be pushed into coming on our show. They were won over by our possibly award-winning professionalism such as Ste turning up literally as we were going on air, Ann cracking up at one of her own jokes and Simon. We did get lots of good board gaming ideas and got annoyed at those licensing deals that mean we can't buy the Uncharted board game over here. Perhaps we should ask Lord Sir Charles Cecil to buy us one when he's over in America picking up his Kickstarter millions.

Annoyingly Ann forgot to ask Ben and Daniela about her idea for SingStar: Take That The Board Game. We're sure she'll have a working version available at our Christmas party for us all to enjoy.


Team OLL x 



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The full team is back this week and no substitutions were allowed this week. Ann fancied a day off, but she knew that people depend on her for her in depth video game news that you can't get anywhere else. Except perhaps Europegamer (although they never end their news stories on an incredibly funny joke).

There was also no Super-Special Guest so this allowed the team to look at the biggest gaming stories in more detail. Which were mostly about us, obviously. Not only did we go through last week's Videogame Karaoke but we also announced that there will be another Videogame Karaoke at Not'num GameCity along with lots of Videogame based drink. Keep Thursday October 25th free. Unless you're Ann and tell everyone (incorrectly) that it was the Wednesday.

Another big story is that City of Heroes is still closing and being fans of the underdogs (especially if they are also fans of us and send us songs to play on the show) we put our name behind the campaign to keep it open. We fully expect NCSoft to reverse their decision pretty soon since our announcement.

We also try to see how the Government decides how a videogame is British. And get pretty confused. So business as usual then. Luckily Derek Williams and Doctor Avatar still know what they are doing and provide us with more top quality features. 


Team OLL x 



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Ste makes his return this week so that means we have a full compliment of presenters. But wait... Simon looks different. For one thing he's got his top on which is a first for 2012. Oh, it turns out Simon couldn't make it so he hired Guardian games journalist Keith Stuart to be his replacement. Which raises all kinds of questions about why Ste didn't need a replacement but Simon did. Does this mean Ste is irreplaceable? As with most things, we don't know.

We do know that our Super-Special Guest is worthy of that title as we welcome Paul Presley into the studio. He currently looks after the quarterly and three-monthly Continue magazine, but also has been round enough to have seen Simon when Simon first started in the industry. We get a bit of gossip about young Simon from Paul, however the majority of tales are still not suitable for the airwaves.

Keith gives us a bit of a preview for his How To Be A Games Journalist event (which will have finished by the time the podcast is up) by telling us the top five words not to use in a review, Ste enters a weird jet lag zone and the letters section takes on a medical theme. All of which are excellent, but not as excellent as our Videogame Karaoke will be this Thursday ( Be there.


Team OLL x 



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