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We've often been accused of being biased in our reviews and particularly with our reviews scores. People have laid the unfounded claim that we're in the pocket of the evil corporations (and sometimes of the equally evil indies). One particularly hurtful charge said that we were puppets of the gaming industry.

But thanks to Edgar and Bryce of the Salle Pierre Lamy podcast we have seen that being a puppet isn't so bad. Especially if you drink lots of risky beforehand. Yes, in a FM-broadcast videogames radio show EXCLUSIVE! we have puppets as our Super Special Guests. Who were actually some of our most coherent guests for a long time. Edgar and Bryce even brought in a competition prize for you listeners to win so they easily fit into our top three SSGs who were made of fabric.

This is also the only podcast where you will learn the definitive differences between Cross-bye, cross-play, share shaves, use vita as a ps3 controller, ps minis and ps1 back catalogue. Please remember our easy to learn method and impress all your friends.

And you are all invited to our Videogame Karaoke which will be held on October 4th at the Walkabout Temple. Why not indicate if you are going on Facebook?


Team OLL x



1. Klamm - Angry Rambo

2. Michael Z Land

3. Faking Amnesia - So Soon

4. Kola Kid - Purple Drank

5. Monotron - Goodbye and Farewell

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