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It's the third OLL Golld and haven't we come far over these three episodes? Well, we've been on holiday so we've gone far but we're not sure if that counts. Either way you're guaranteed some excellent features in this episode as Raina goes to Funspot, Odds On gives tips and Chiara is still trying to get out of rural Japan. Exciting right?

This episode contains features from the episodes originally aired on 12/06/2006 and 19/06/2006. God, we were so young then :(

Team OLL x


12/06/2006 - Ms. Snacman
12/06/2006 - Craig 'the Rage' McClelland
12/06/2006 - Raina Lee
12/06/2006 - Professor Game/Doctor Watch
12/06/2006 - Odds On OD
12/06/2006 - Chiara
19/06/2006 - Professor Game/Doctor Watch
19/06/2006 - Craig 'the Rage' McClelland
19/06/2006 - Raina Lee
19/06/2006 - Odds On OD
19/06/2006 - Chiara
19/06/2006 - Derek Williams

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