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We've had no complaints about last week's best of episode (not even from Parko - we must be doing something wrong) so we'll stick with it again. This week we've got the features from the episodes broadcast on 22/05/2006, 29/05/2006 and 05/06/2006.

It's the same contributors as last week except we also have Chiara making her debut. We sent her to Japan to become One Life Left's Japanese Contributor but Ann got the tickets mixed up so she never actually got to Tokyo. Whatever happened to Chiara? We kind of forgot, we hope she's ok :(

Anyway, hopefully you'll enjoy hearing Odds On OD make predictions about the Wii, Raina Lee talking about her blossoming love-life, Doctor Watch's camping and Ms. Snacman cooking. And there's Derek and Craig showing that even six years back they were as amazing as they are now. Is that a compliment or are we saying they've showed no signs of improvement? It was meant as a compliment. Unless Parko thinks we're writing about him again, in which case it definitely wasn't.

Team OLL x

22/05/2006 - Ms. Snacman
22/05/2006 - Craig 'the Rage' McClelland
22/05/2006 - Chiara
22/05/2006 - Derek Williams
29/05/2006 - Ms. Snacman
29/05/2006 - Craig 'the Rage' McClelland
29/05/2006 - Chiara
29/05/2006 - Raina Lee
29/05/2006 - Odds On OD
29/05/2006 - Professor Game/Doctor Watch
29/05/2006 - Derek Williams
05/06/2006 - Ms. Snacman
05/06/2006 - Craig 'the Rage' McClelland
05/06/2006 - Raina Lee
05/06/2006 - Professor Game/Doctor Watch
05/06/2006 - Odds On OD
05/06/2006 - Derek Williams

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So we're on holiday again. But this time we've tried to provide some holiday cover by delving into our archives.

Do you remember when we buried that time capsule in the OLL Garden? It was next to that six foot hole that we've kept there in case so-called friends decide to appear on the Eurogamer podcast. Anyway, we recently went back to it and found that some of the features were literally ok to put on a holiday podcast.

And here it is. The first ever appearances of Odds on OD, Derek Williams and Craig 'The Rage' McClelland along with some people you might not have heard of. Hopefully it's of interest to you. Let us know either way via Twitter, Facebook, e-mail or on the website.

Team OLL x

24/04/2006 Professor Game and Doctor Watch
24/04/2006 Odds On OD
24/04/2006 Derek Williams
01/05/2006 Professor Game and Doctor Watch
01/05/2006 Odds On OD
01/05/2006 Derek Williams
08/05/2006 Craig 'The Rage' McClelland
08/05/2006 Odds On OD
08/05/2006 Raina Lee
08/05/2006 Ms Snacman
08/05/2006 Professor Game and Doctor Watch
08/05/2006 Derek Williams

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It's a rather over-used phrase but One Life Left is back. And this time we're back for good and there's no way that we're going to go on an immediate three week break due to misunderstandings. Oh. We promise that we'll do a full October. (Although we won't mention what year just in case we can't raise the bail for Simon again)

Anyway, at least this is an excellent show to go on a break with and we think it will be considered the real Olympic closing ceremony. But unlike the BBC we don't go on about the games for all of the show. No, in fact there's a bumper news section which almost takes up half the show. Eurogamer must be proud.

And we have a superb super-special guest in the New Statesman's Helen Lewis (or should that be Shoe Statesman?). Is she able to defend her obviously-incorrect theory that the score of seven out of ten should be outlawed? What does she think of the term 'Girlfriend mode'? Who does she think is better out of Justin Bieber and *Nsync? What shoe would she like someone to turn into? And did she threaten to overrule Kieron Gillen? Not all will be answered in this episode, because we forgot to ask one of them but the rest will be.

As well as Derek Williams (do we need to mention that Derek is on the episode? (Yes - Derek Williams)), Simon returns from his community service and Mick Rossiter sends in another Our Game. We also announce the first London appearance of Videogame Karaoke, if you ignore the attempt to do it at Shoreditch which we advise you do. Keep October 3rd free, we'll put an update on our facebook page soon.

Team OLL x


1. National Broadcast Network - Give Them Blood
2. Balloon Bear - Born To Lose
3. Jredd - Neon Star Field

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