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Our jetsetting lifestyle has meant that we've not been able to podcast for a while. We have done some live shows on Resonance, but whilst these were literally broadcastable, our caretaker had a nervous breakdown in trying to edit out the mistakes so it's probably for the best that they stay off the internet.

However, we did manage to get this episode from Nordic Games out. As you'd expect the Sc-ann-dinavians were very welcoming and managed to get Simon in a blindfold after about sixteen minutes, which almost beats Martin Hollis' record of fifteen and a half minutes. Better luck next time!

There's too many amazing guests that we had on the show to list, plus the caretaker is very wary of offending people by spelling their names wrong. Still, listen to this show you'll find out what to do if you're with Ann on a cruise ship and there's a zombie attack.

Team OLL x

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