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So here it is: One Life Left's final show from GDC. Against all odds the team have made it through six shows without any truly mortifying incidents. As long as they only have a couple of guests today things should be fi... Oh God.

Deep breath: Dwight Okahara and Chris Olander from Insomniac kick things off and explain GDC from the positions of newbie and veteran. Outsider artist Michael Frederickson talks all about the brilliant Journalist / Creator multiclassers Brandon Sheffield and Simon Parkin tell us about the best things they've seen at GDC this year. Popcap's Production Director Joe McDonagh lets us know about personal boundaries and inappropriate touching. Lord of HTML5 Darius Kazemi talks about the Pirate Kart, while One Life Left listener Ian fills in our performance sheet (are we bigger or smaller in real life?). Elliot Trinidad explains what it's like to try to stealth-demo an indiegame (in this case Pop Pop Battle J). Jon Blow talks about The Witness and his starring role in a new movie. Steve Jackson pops by for a chat at the very last, while the very final words fall to -- who else? -- Martin Hollis.

We had the best time. Thanks for listening. We've been One Life Left and you've been very patient. See you next year!

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