One Life Left's Podcast

The day after the One Life Left (Venus Patrol) (Wild Rumpus) party and the team aren't feeling all that clever. Thank goodness, then, they have an all-star cast of clever guests to get them through the lunch hour.

Who? There's Matt Boch from Harmonix and Nathan Vella from Capy(bara) who ably hold down the fort with some nonchalantly delivered game theory. Waiting to get paid? So are we, so there's a sight of relief when Cindy Au from Kickstarter arrives and sets Simon thinking about monetization (ie how can we access the Idle Thumbs riches?). Tim Rogers (9/10 in Edge) waits patiently in the wings then pretends he wasn't waiting at all (9/10 in Edge) and really he could think of many (9/10 in Edge) better things to do than be (9/10 in Edge) right here promoting his game. Zach Barth tells us about Spacechem and helps OLL create a new genre, then Chris Remo pops in to show the team how to do the podcasting part of radio properly. And somewhere in the middle Martin Hollis wanders in to bring Ste some lunch.

It's fun, fragmented, flippant and unfocussed: it's One Life Left, live from the show floor at GDC 2012. Final episode tomorrow!

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