One Life Left's Podcast

One Life Left's second broadcast from GDC 2012 takes place inside the North Hall thoroughfare, but don't let the background chatter distract you from today's amazing panel.

On that amazing panel today:

ACADEMIC WITH POLEMIC Ian Bogost (Persuasive Games)

DANCING KING Matt Boch (Harmonix)

FOXY CREATOR Daniel Cook (Spry Fox)

ARTISTIC CURATOR Sarah Brin (Too many jobs to list)

PORK-PIE JOURNALIST Alex Wiltshire (Edge Online)


The panel discuss today's sessions, the things they're excited about for the next week and try to find a theme for this year's GDC. There's an illuminating discussion about "gamification",  the manifold purposes of conferences like this and advice on how to get everyone's Mums / Moms involved in videogames.

Download / listen here.

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