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So here it is: One Life Left's final show from GDC. Against all odds the team have made it through six shows without any truly mortifying incidents. As long as they only have a couple of guests today things should be fi... Oh God.

Deep breath: Dwight Okahara and Chris Olander from Insomniac kick things off and explain GDC from the positions of newbie and veteran. Outsider artist Michael Frederickson talks all about the brilliant Journalist / Creator multiclassers Brandon Sheffield and Simon Parkin tell us about the best things they've seen at GDC this year. Popcap's Production Director Joe McDonagh lets us know about personal boundaries and inappropriate touching. Lord of HTML5 Darius Kazemi talks about the Pirate Kart, while One Life Left listener Ian fills in our performance sheet (are we bigger or smaller in real life?). Elliot Trinidad explains what it's like to try to stealth-demo an indiegame (in this case Pop Pop Battle J). Jon Blow talks about The Witness and his starring role in a new movie. Steve Jackson pops by for a chat at the very last, while the very final words fall to -- who else? -- Martin Hollis.

We had the best time. Thanks for listening. We've been One Life Left and you've been very patient. See you next year!

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The day after the One Life Left (Venus Patrol) (Wild Rumpus) party and the team aren't feeling all that clever. Thank goodness, then, they have an all-star cast of clever guests to get them through the lunch hour.

Who? There's Matt Boch from Harmonix and Nathan Vella from Capy(bara) who ably hold down the fort with some nonchalantly delivered game theory. Waiting to get paid? So are we, so there's a sight of relief when Cindy Au from Kickstarter arrives and sets Simon thinking about monetization (ie how can we access the Idle Thumbs riches?). Tim Rogers (9/10 in Edge) waits patiently in the wings then pretends he wasn't waiting at all (9/10 in Edge) and really he could think of many (9/10 in Edge) better things to do than be (9/10 in Edge) right here promoting his game. Zach Barth tells us about Spacechem and helps OLL create a new genre, then Chris Remo pops in to show the team how to do the podcasting part of radio properly. And somewhere in the middle Martin Hollis wanders in to bring Ste some lunch.

It's fun, fragmented, flippant and unfocussed: it's One Life Left, live from the show floor at GDC 2012. Final episode tomorrow!

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Steeled by a night of Moriarty-inspired karaoke the team spent the first lunchtime of GDC broadcasting live from the show floor in a thoroughfare dominated by wild-eyed men on the hunt for free T-shirts. Amazing guests, stupid chat, impromptu tangents and classic chiptunes: it's One Life Left, dropping the show LIVE from GDC 2012.

Actually, it's a bit of a day of dropping: Bennett Foddy (GIRP, QWOP) drops his coffee, and Paulina Bozek (Singstar, Closet Swap) considers dropping some clothing. Julian Merceron (Square Enix) drops rumours, Zach Gage (Spell Tower, Bit Pilot) drops names, and Jan Plass (NYU Associate Prof / Games for Change) drops some academic science. Martin Hollis (Goldeneye, new romantic) does not drop down drunk but there's always that chance, while Warren Spector (etc.) just drops by as if hanging out with lifetime achievement award recipients is the most natural thing in the world. Which, at GDC, it is.

The second episode of One Life Left: Live at GDC will be uploaded tomorrow!

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One Life Left's third evening broadcast from GDC 2012 sees the team return to their private room in the South Hall. They're joined by a smart, chatty, focussed / drained group of industry experts to discuss the final day of GDC.

On that amazing panel:

MODEL CITIZEN Alice Taylor (Makielabs)


NEWS HUNTER / GATHERER Jon Jordan (Pocket Gamer)

HISTORICAL NAMEDROPPER Frank Cifaldi (Gamasutra)

And on the agenda for today:

What have they seen? What have they missed? Are developers modern rockstars? How do you get into the secret parties? Where is Phil Fish? And what IS the difference between kids and kilts?

Download / listen here.

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One Life Left's second broadcast from GDC 2012 takes place inside the North Hall thoroughfare, but don't let the background chatter distract you from today's amazing panel.

On that amazing panel today:

ACADEMIC WITH POLEMIC Ian Bogost (Persuasive Games)

DANCING KING Matt Boch (Harmonix)

FOXY CREATOR Daniel Cook (Spry Fox)

ARTISTIC CURATOR Sarah Brin (Too many jobs to list)

PORK-PIE JOURNALIST Alex Wiltshire (Edge Online)


The panel discuss today's sessions, the things they're excited about for the next week and try to find a theme for this year's GDC. There's an illuminating discussion about "gamification",  the manifold purposes of conferences like this and advice on how to get everyone's Mums / Moms involved in videogames.

Download / listen here.

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It's One Life Left's first broadcast from GDC 2012, in which the team join Gamasutra and a  star-studded panel to look GDC culture. Listen in as the panel discussing today's hot topics, tomorrow's must-see sessions and last night's Like-a-Prayer shame.

On the panel today:

FORTHRIGHT WRITER Evan Skolnick (LucasArts)

ESTHER VISIONARY Dan Pinchbeck (thechineseroom)

JOUST KING Douglas Wilson (Die Gute Fabrik)

FABULOUS JOURNEYWOMAN Kellee Santiago (thatgamecompany)

LUMINOUS PROFESSOR Brian Moriarty (Worcestor Polytechnic Institute)

ENCHANTING CHANTEUSE Leigh Alexander (Cry Me A River)

Tonight our guests sparkling conversation features recommendations for things to do at GDC, recollections from GDC's past (going all the way back to GDC #1) and predictions for the future.  There's also breaking news about Dan Pinchbeck's bright orange sneakers.

Download / listen here.

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