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You know, we've been testing our prospective knights on many factors. Usually it's how will they cope selling a game with a really bizarre name that Ste found randomly on the internet, but generally we're only testing them on their videogame knowledge.

At this point it is traditional to put in an UNTIL NOW bit of text to surprise you, and Team One Life Left is never one to break with tradition.


Oh, wait. Now it looks like we were breaking with tradition there. We're not. We don't even break with the tradition of Valentine's Day as our three knights are tested on their chivalry and valour as they all aim to procure their favourite game characters hand by using their verbal skills, as opposed to their broadswords.

But which three knights will be the ones to take on this challenge? Why it's Neon Kelly from, Ed Fear from Curve Studios and Martin Hollis from not killing Rare off.

If you want to show your chivalry then you can donate to the Resonance FM fund raising drive. We wouldn't be able to use our amazing FM abilities without Resonance so you should donate as much as possible. For those of you who aren't that chivalrous then if you e-mail us evidence of you donating (see you can win a piece of Ann's News Script that has the 'essence' of Ann on it.

Team OLL x

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